Saturday, December 20, 2014

Photo Hunt (Craft)

I don't know the difference between arts and crafts. But that ok in general I like all sort of culture stuff.
After work I stop in at GROVE in Bonners Ferry. The Grove is a local artist coop here.
I went in and took three photos. But there were lot more piece I liked. All sort of prices too.

Next weekend Photo Hunt theme is SHELTER 

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yule Season 2014 (Part 3)

I got Sawyer and Betty package off to Oregon. It cost me just under $12.00 and the postal lady said the package would arrive there the 20th.
I only got two of my gift wrap these go to my client Carrie and her husband Hershel. I'm a big one of recycling wrapping paper. Even at party I will dig out descent wrapping paper. Pick up at thrift store and yard sales.

Our T.O.P.S group had there annual Christmas party at the CHICKEN CHOP. I didn't go. Had to drive Carrie for her shot in Sandpoint.
But I did get a chance to weigh in. I'm the assistant weight recorder. Well this week I gain a ½ a pound. So now I'm up to 219.75
Confession time...I don't get enough exercise in. It time to move on what happening with Yule.

So after my trip with Carrie. I went out to Moyie Spring area and took out some gift for Camillia son. Quenella bought him a few items.
I put in an ornament.
Then after I delivery package I went and pick up Bart and Molly gift at UNDER THE SUN I guess the only thing now is to have Murphy pick up a white elephant gift for family gift exchange on Christmas.

Couple more items need taking care of. Murphy put on tree topper. This the one my parents use when I was young.

I have no ideal what this is called. But the heat from the candle makes go around and around.
Well Wednesday afternoon I delivered some ornaments to my friend Alice Grand-kids. Gave them two fruit cakes one with rum poured over and one with our.
She has enough small kids and I thought a non booze would be appropriate.

I know they be more Yule activity but for this season I'll call it good.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Yule Season (Part 2)

First thing I do is place the newest ornament on the tree. I got the blue glass ball though an exchange I found on the net.
The cowboy is one of my ceramic ornament and I painted plenty of them. I even have one for sale on my esty shop, NICE AND NIFTY STUFF 
  Personal I like variety of style and color of ornaments. I don't care for all the same color of ornaments on a tree. I even got a few ornaments I got when my boys were younger. Such as Oscar Grouch
I'm slowly trying to finger out some of the ornaments that my son made for me. I know one of them beaded me this wreath with a candle I'm clueless which son made that ornament. Since there married I would like to give back there ornaments they made.
I like also like variety of material the ornaments are made from I don't even recall were I got this red cardinal from
I'm sort of thinking of placing some icicle. But for now I share a few more close up and ornaments. The little red ornament was last one to be place on the tree.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yule Season 2014 Part One

I thought I would be down in Medford Oregon visiting with Sawyer and his wife Betty for the weekend.
So I stayed home worked a little bit on cleaning out our basement. The area I want to put in shop.
Got our tree up and we're slowly starting to decorating it. This year Murphy went and cut down a grand fir. It smell so good.
It takes two to string the lights. The dog and cat refuse to help and except a gift under the tree.
  Took a short walk up and down our road. It been a while since I did any walking. After cleaning the pile of crap out of our basement. Then I pulled out this thing cross between a bike and rolling machine.
Usual when I paint on the ceramics ornaments I usual do four at a time. But as I was painting I notice one had the place you put the hanger though was broken.
But I thought I would show the cowboy I just finish. I like his “pink shirt” I even thought of trying to find to get finger nail polish the same shade of pink.
I pick up an ornament in Sandpoint at the POTTERY BUG STUDIO Things sure have change since I had my ceramic shop. Not saying good or bad but changed.
I picked up this plain ornament so I could have fun mixing colors. The other side have more colors.

  Recently I took part in ornament exchange and person I swap was from Pennsylvania. She got me this beautiful glass ornament from a Polish festival. Although not sure if the festival was sit up for a
But I think it pretty.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not Showing Up Til Later

I thought Hubby and I would be on one of the first flight out Spokane heading to visit our son Sawyer and his wife Betty in Medford Oregon
She works for Horizon airline. There contented with Alaskan. So it was plan that she was going to fly up and spend the night in Spokane.
But she been at work and the flight was delay some place in California. Because of storms that been hitting the west coast.
Now it looks like we will leave Spokane between 10 and noon.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Something In Life Should Be Easy.

Today I went to our local T.O.P.S meeting and weight in. During the holiday it seem like no one loose weight. But recently our group been doing pretty darn good.
I gain ¼ pound this week. Confession time...I could do a lot more living a healthier life style. I don't know why I have trouble being consistent. I have good intention but I fall short. I been not eating after 7pm and I make the choice to eat after 7 I have plain popcorn. But if I don't get 12 oz of water down before 10AM. I have trouble continue drinking water. I have trouble with water retention Statement time...I find hot water me is easier to drink then cold water....I'm tired of weighing over 200 pounds.
Strange thing I except my husband help me loose weight. When he does try I get all defensive or I bitch about him not helping.
In nut shell we all responsible for our demons and how we deal with them.

This time of year usual the roads are icy and slick. So my friend Quenella usual put her car to bed. She don't drive in winter.
Her neighbor drove her into Bonners Ferry from Katka. Then I met her at HUCKLEBERRY our local variety store. She has a group of children she get gifts for, who might not have much under the tree. I pick up a few items to give to our local Christmas charity. Care-n-Share
Personal I couldn't tell you how many children she helps. I know her mom sent money and I believe her son will be contributing.
We went about town purchasing gifts. Although I didn't get that much. I bought one gift in Bonners Ferry. Then the other two I got up at local thrift store under $1.00 each. Since I got your attention I bought our dog Daisy a stuff toy she can rip to thread on Christmas day. Then other stuff toy will be going to Sawyer and Betty “Boo”

Strange thing I lady hand me $15.00 and said “Pay it forward” So I took five of it and got Daisy and Boo there Christmas gifts. For my self I picked up two piece of bisque.
The ten I'll take and put it on LaWalla electrical bill. She isn't behind but what the heck.

Before I go to work tomorrow I'll have to unload the pick up. I got stuff behind the seat our pick up is a club cab.
Taking Carrie to her physical therapy appointment.

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Monday, December 08, 2014

Not To Over Whelm With Consumption

When I was younger I want to live in home like Thomas Jefferson Monticello, which is about 11,000 square feet.
But our home is 1,200 up and the basement has the same amount of square footage. So one could say we have 2,400 square foot home. The basement isn't finished.

Compare to other place in world our home in America are HUGE Then also we're the largest CONSUMPTION for our income.
Now there are people who desire to shrink there consumption foot print and live with less.
And started a TINY home movement.

Although I know I wouldn't make enough doing ceramic here in Bonners Ferry. I would be able to cover my rent or my other over head; such as utilities, insurance, taxes and etc. Not both
But having it in my home down in basement.
I been playing around with figures for my over head might be.

Last year I got the shed/barn sort out. So before I put in shop I need to clean it out. So my first small step before Christmas was to do a pre-organize before I go though.

But I dug out exercise machine. Not sure what it really called. I call it a rolling machine. We're having January thaw which usual happen after the middle of month and after. So it slippery out on the county roads. Town road seem to be ok for walking...Editor note..Photo of the exercise machine didn't come out

Under the stairs will be the last place I will go though. Been though it a few times and most of the items are things we could use. But can't get to them easily. Although not saying everything is worth keeping.

Mixing up a batch of slip (liquid clay) can be messy. I thought of just leaving pour table out in the shop/garage and just casting greenware in late spring to early fall.
Sure having my pour table in a heat area I could cast ceramic all year. An 8 by 8 room would work. The biggest issue is ventilation. It would have to be done by window and put in some type of exhaust system.
Murphy came up with the ideal of building a separate room in basement for casting ceramics. Personal I don't see I'll have that much room for a studio. I'm thinking a 20 by 20 area.

Coffee in mug taste the best in mug regardless of how much square feet you have.

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