Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Did A Lot Better

As for eating style today. I been quite please with my self. Breakfast half potato thing, a piece of toast, 2 eggs semi poached, and some links.
Lunch was a slice of cold pizza, and a smoothie I use an apple, grapes, and kale.
Dinner was a ham steak, peas, and mash potato and parsnips mix together. Confession mouth taste so much like an ocean. I haven't had this much salt for while.

The only thing at present time I can believe that doesn't have R value is the wild open air space. Those who are math wiz and did great in algebra could figure out your INSULATION value. We didn't take off all of our siding. If we did we would of considered.
But we're using double layer of siding. Had plenty up in shed/barn rafter. So we didn't have to purchase any siding for this project.
 The siding is all up now. Ready to do some calking and painting.

Our other construction  job was to make kitty hole. So they can get into the shop/garage. 
We have a new kitty Cat unknown if a male or female. It just show up so Murphy decided to take it under his wing.
We could use a good shop cat. Now the only thing is to put out some old clean blankets for it bed. Now it living in a culvert drain.
 Ziggy is checking the new route into the shop/garage. Murphy and I been debating what to call the new cat, and we're not sure of the sex of it. So we're naming it after the neighbor of Darin and Samantha Stevens on BEWITCHED. The KRAVITZ.

Sure hoping to get all cut today, for my next rag rug. Still have one color of fabric to go. Then I can start sewing strips together.
On my crochet dish cloth I'm doing at present time. Got pretty crook it. So I had to rip majority of dish cloth out and start over.
Sure some pretty fall colors. It been a dry summer and fall. Had a little bit of rain this afternoon.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

What The Hell To Say

    This is one of those days I can't even thing what to post on this blog. I recall when blogging was the in thing to do.
I even way been when went to a blog party. One was a tour of possible your home, garden, home town. or about anything.
It been a while since I've seen anyone host a blog party or challenge.
One of my coffee pals, JULIE and her blog "Notes on Paper" talks about leaving 300 comments in 30 days.
Did a little bit of googling and trying to fine a blog challenge or a party. Did general search and did a more of one kind of party or challenge. Since Halloween  is closes holiday. I thought I would possible fine one, no luck. Confession time...Didn't look that hard
I believe most people do enjoy other visiting there blogs.

Work went really smooth. And I went to my T.O.P.S gathering. I was up half a pound. But lost most weight in September.
Since we been busy with doing siding on place. I been sort of watching what I eat. Like today I ate quite a bit of fruit.
Since I won the fruit and veggie basket. A few of the ladies gave dried fruit and nuts and I much on them though out the day.
Dinner was a pizza a glutton free. It was made with rice flour and tapioca it was good.

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Something Simple

   It been a while since I stop over at my Aunt Eve place. After posting the question why I get so pissed at being lied to.
Well someone gave me an answer that made since...I was made at my self for being so gullible and felt like fool. So fool me once your the fool....Fool me twice I'm the fool. It quite simple I won't every work for her again.
     She gave me a few quilt books. I haven't every made a quilt. And I want to make a quilt for my grand child end of March or first of April.

    Got package off to my secret sister in New York. These are two of the items I put in. The Halloween wall hanging I got out of a thrift store for fifty cents. The mask I got last year some place.
I try to send seven or so small items

      Got mix feeling on a triple crochet stitch for a dish cloth. What I like it super flexible but the surface area I think I would like more.
Well these right now are for my daughter in laws.

     Murphy mention a short time ago that our dish clothes was getting pretty ratty looking. So I been use up cotton yarn
     Got started back cutting strips on rag rug I want to do for Bart and Molly. Still have three colors to do.

Put some form insulation around  Which went real easy and now we're putting on siding now. It a two person job.
So I help before I head to work and after I get home.

Not sure how well I will do in my weight lost. Been plenty busy but haven't got in hardly any walking. Still not eating after seven in evening.

Carrie started her pool therapy. Murphy dug a bunch of produce and I took it to our local food bank. Also got Sawyer Birthday gift sent off, a little late and costly to send. It was odd shape. Oh hell I should tell you what it is...I bought at thrift store a blue print plan for an airplane. Bought a tube to ship it in. That was free, $25 to ship it.

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Our Community First Quilt Show

   Our local community had it first quilt show. There was over 160 quilts, lot of talent people here in BOUNDARY COUNTY. I didn't take 160 photos.
At this time I have enough crafts going. Quilt making is on my bucket list and I have my first grandchild due the end of March or First part of April.
So I believe I will start a basic block quilt after the new year.

    This is my last week of my 19.75 hours with Carrie. Monday the 5th Oct I start the 17.25 hours. So her and I went to look at the quilt show and I took her out for lunch. We went to CHIC N CHOP a little dull for my taste bud. I like my food with snazzy taste. It a safe place to eat. Her and I both ordered off the senior menu. Both had a grilled cheese sandwich and tater tots.

   I might well mention that Murphy got his notification from medicare and there taking $104 out of his check starting this month. His social security will be $669 a month.

    This is my 5th Artist trading card. I'm send it my secret sister, who lives in ROCHESTER NEW YORK
I will be sending her some other small items. Most of them came from one of our thrift store, Caring People For Animals.
Our local area don't have a variety store anymore. We never had a wal mart here. And I real don't want one any how.

   Murphy and I finish doing pickled crab apples. 7 pints of them. My mom did them in quarts and had them around Thanksgiving and Yule.

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Friday, October 02, 2015

Dinner I Over Did It

   Murphy bought a roast beef and don't recall last time I had one. Instead of getting a small plate down. I used a dinner size one. Had some zucchini, a cap full of pomegranate dressing, bake potato with butter and yes a good slice of meat.
Lunch bowl of chili. Statement was way to salty. add a little grated cheese and tomotillos to it.
Breakfast was BLT sandwich.
Snack on some cheese and cheerios with raisin and banana.

One of my T.O.P.S lady gave me some crab apples. I got them in our fridge sitting in brine. Before I head to work I'll can them up in pints.
My mom always did up a few quarts of pickled crab apples. I recall eating them during the winter holidays.

I bitched about my Aunt Eve. I have major issue when some one lies and cons me. Confession time...At time I'm a stupid and gullible person, and I never notice how my Aunt really is.
Can't change the past but now. It was a life lesson and I know she a con.
But the sad thing is that she bought her grand niece and nephew Estella and Basil a trailer. There always been a catch when my Aunt does anything, I don't see my Aunt doing anything just for kindness, unless it going to benefit her.

Clean up in garden today. Pull up peppers plants and hung them to dry. Harvest a little more tomatoes.
Pull up tomotillos and fennel plants.

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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Why Don't They See It

     She so surface and everyone in our family thinks she is just wonderful, my Aunt Eve. At this time I won't go into it. But maybe after the quilt show this coming Saturday.
    Got my new hours and they got cut by 2.50 hours a week. I understand Candy who in lot worst shape got a lot more hours cut.
Not sure what she got cut down to but what I'm hearing she got cut more then my client did.

   My friend Lawalla stop in and her and I went for a walk. She walks at a lot faster pace. Well I change my eating habit up a little bit because of my work schedule.
So super early I had some cold pizza. Right before I went to work I found a piece of meat in the fridge, heat up some mac and cheese. I know I had some type of fruit but I don't recall what it was.
Dinner was a ginger sauce with chicken over rice and peas.

    She ask me to order some stuff to take care of her parasites, called VERMOX. One of the inhome client has this little dog that shit all over the house.
They did get rid of some of them.
Even at one time they had one that would crap on bed. At time I just don't under stand how people live like they do.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pleased As Pie

     Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S group. I was down three quarter of pound. Had my fingers cross that I was only going to be up pound and half only. I lost three consecutive weight lost. Couldn't tell you what my weight is.
Our local group is running a "personal goal" til right before Thanksgiving. Each member sign a piece of paper saying...Mine said...."I peppylady will loose 6 pounds or more by November 24, 2015" Those who meet there goal get there name in a drawing for the pot of cash. Each of us had to put in five bucks.

    I thought I would post some photo of my walk and I share my day. I was the only one in our group who lost weight this week. I got the weekly award that we pass around to who lost the most weight for week.
Confession time...I felt embarrassed for loosing the most weight week and getting the award. I'm working on worthy of receive an award.

When I was in third grade...I got 100% on a social study test. The teacher said I was not that bright that I had to cheat to get that grade...So I was sent to the principle office. Gave a speech to me about cheating....I went back to the class room....Well when I got to my parents home soon as walk in the door. I got whipping with a belt...From that day forward I usual on propose missed 1 to 5 question on any test or quiz I did.

    Eating was on track today. Breakfast steel cut oats with raisin and banana. Lunch once again my four items, candy bar, yogurt, gram cracker, and Kohlrabi. Dinner was a little more heavier, thin cut pork chops, mash potatoes with mushroom gravy, and home can green beans.

    Work went well today. Took the COLORAMA BOOKS in. When I saw the television  add when you order the $12.99 they was including crayons, and markers. The only thing we receive is colored pencils.

     Help Murphy up grade the window around our place. Put different windows for our kitchen and bedroom.
Now our kitchen window opens.
Pull some siding down from our shed/barn roof. So we can put on the siding in front of our place.

    I believe it was Tuesday  I got all my cool and fun items from my secret sisters. Who lives in  MARION OHIO and BELLEVILLE Michigan

                                Coffee is on


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