Monday, November 30, 2015

It Didn't Get Out Of Control

Murphy is official 65 years and on MEDICARE. He had his first experience with it. Getting his colonoscopy  lined up.
Drove to the hospital in Bonner County, down in Sandpoint and for him to see a surgical nurse who asked him a bunch of question. Not sure what was all asked.
They ask him if he smoked marijuana. His opinion flared up, although not at nurse. But I heard it then.
So they told him he need to quite smoking pot for 24 hours.
Something so simple ends up being some what stressful. Murphy thought it was pretty bad. Actual it was easy compare some days.

Eating I believe I kept under control. Breakfast simple eggs, potatoes, and links sausage. Lunch a bowl of soup.
Snacks a few peanuts, and shred wheat with raisins.

Well I got my pagan group general gathering this evening.



Sunday, November 29, 2015

Every Family Needs Them

The last few days been some what busy, and today we had a birthday party for my Uncle Melvin turn 90 on Monday.
They also have a first cousin who just turn 85 or 86. Todd. Since we were celebrating Uncle Melvin thought we would celebrate Todd birthday.
Todd two daughters and grand daughter drove up from the north side of Spokane.

The first part of luncheon was a family potluck and afterwards was an open house. I brought and cauliflower and garbanzo beans curry salad.
One reason I brought that to the dinner. Some of them don't like anything out of line. Different is bad or some time scary.
But, me personal. I like to rock the boat a bit. Confession time...I've rocked a few times a little to hard.
Question time....I wonder if any of the rest of them, discuss who has mental issues....I know I do and even wonder what my mental state is like.
Some of them sure seems to brag or lot of time...about how great a fisher or hunter one is. My cousin Laim one time made this statement..."I got 6 wolves" that a pretty dumb statement to make. Wolves hunting is pretty regulated. If we got them many wolves he would be in federal prison.
Lot of them makes up stories. Nothing so far I know of would hurt anyone.
What else they seem to brag about is what there material items. Like four Wheeler, boats, snow mobile and etc. Expensive toys that must of them are horrible in debt. They put on act like they have plenty  I know quite a few of them if they lost or got laid off they would be in world of hurt. One pay check away form being sitting on curb.
Or they need approval of some kind.
Actual this was pretty small family event, considering how many relatives they are.

I've been doing a little deeper cleaning so I can get ready to put up my yule items. Today I clean off the couch and start on the coffee table.

As for eating I did ok. Breakfast link sausage and pancake. Lunch I ate the family potluck. Five items which I've done before when I attend a potluck type of event.
I was only going have a small piece of cake and ice cream, which I did. But ended up having one snickerdoodle cookie.
When I got home I end up having a small slice of cheese and maybe dozen or so peanuts.
Before dinner an apple which doesn't have much flavor. Finished up with some Turkey soup.

Coffee is on

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nothing After Wards

I figure since the last two days been a little hectic. I thought it would be time for me to get with the program. Of our health challenge that my weight lost group is doing.
So this morning I start with french toast and had peanut butter and molasses on it.

Since we bought home some Turkey caucus Murphy mad some turkey noodle soup. I did the noodles up.

Well for fill in food I had an kind bar, I believe apple, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. Oh yes, and Liz salad
I went work today so I can get my hours in, a lease on paper. Being in home care and no union we don't have any type of holiday, sick or vacation pay.
But either one of my clients don't mind me taking a little time off.

Afterward I went up to under the sun, met with some ladies and we work on our craft projects. Most of us crochet or knit. I just start to crochet a baby hat
Today is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY and I went to our local merchants in Bonners Ferry and got a few gifts.
A cotton shirt for Bart.
 Socks for Sawyer. I was planning to stop by Super One and get him a small egg skillet. Well when I was in there, total space it out.
I made up 9 crochet dish clothes for my daughter in laws, Betty and Molly. I thought I should give them something else because I look as dish clothes as an house hold gifts.
So my sister in law made up some Jewelry and she takes them to our local craft show last month. She still have quite a bit of inventory and she gave me two sets necklace and earnings.
Some place or most place it dumb ideal to talk religion or politics. One is at our local craftier group. One lady who seem real nice person. Made an little announcement. She didn't pound on table to get every one attention.
That the local oath keeper is going to meet at the court house in boundary county and have our commissioners write to our Governor Otter and to not let any Syrian refuges into our state or county.
I'm not going and I have to be in Sandpoint with husband.

It makes me some where between sad and angry that a person can have such a small heart and thoughts toward anther human

     Coffee is on

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It Doesn't Matter

 Been a day of making pies. Well like my mother I can make a fairly good pie. But it been a while since I have done any really cooking.
I've told people if you find a crust that works for you, keep it. Well I tried anther pie crust recipe and I've should of use my old stand by.

The pies I made for Thanksgiving is a pecan and pumpkin cheese cake, crust on cheese cake I use ginger snaps. Thought ginger and pumpkin would compliment each other.
As for eating with common sense was a little more difficult. I cook by tasting and couldn't tell you how many spoonful I had today.
The good thing I had more water then usual. For healthy snack I had an apple.
Mange to get a little walk around the place. Also help Murphy carry some birch into the basement, for the wood stove.
At our T.O.P.S the time before our resent meeting. Instead of doing a gift exchange we were going to each bring in some item that would keep a person warm.
We use to have a tree of warmth, put on by our local newspaper.
Well there not doing it anymore.
A few ideal was toss out on the table where we could possible donated this year for the holidays.
One of our member who is founding lady of a local charity. Some Greek word I believe meaning "Helping heart to hand"
She told us her group was sponsoring a family that was in need. I didn't mine her telling us there ages, sex and etc.
So if the group decided to help out family we would have some ideal what there needs may be.
But when she said "There a good Christian family" Question time....why do we need to know certain things such as there faith, income, race, ethnicity, political party, organization or sexual orientation. 
There a need. It isn't for us to ask about personal things. But to give hand up instead of a slap down regardless who or what they may be.
If a devil worshiper or Nazi was out of food. I would bring them something to eat, and I would also a Christian or Buddhist

I just messenger Liz and I start our local pagan group, Spairfitera.  I thought it would be a good ideal of doing some community project, in 2016.
So I thought I would say something like this....I thought it would be an good ideal for a little group  "Spairfitera" possibly be thinking of  doing some community project, in 2016. 
And table it because of the yule season.
I do have two ideals for a community projects. First one is to help each month some other local organization pulling resource together.
My other one find a individual  family or person in our local community and help them out.
I can come up with three families and one individual.

 This is my third Great Aunt "Anna Sophia Muench" her and parents Mathew and Maria Schwell came over to America from around Frankfurt Germany. 
Her brother William and or Fredrick Muench was my 2nd great grand father.
When I first saw the photo. First thing I notice was her nose. Just like my mom and quite a few of her siblings, then notice the rose and her home in Kansas.
First thing Murphy notice is how bitter she looked about life.
 Heading down to Spokane to and have Thanksgiving with Barts in laws. So I won't be posting until either Friday or Saturday.

 Coffee is on

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's A Coming

    Today at our local T.O.P.S group. I was down a pound and I even went to our community Thanksgiving dinner.
Well I'm doing two pies for the family get together for Thanksgiving. A pumpkin cheese cake and pecan pie.
breakfast was pretty simple pears with grated cheese on it.
Lunch a half of peanut butter sandwich and jelly. I believe grape flavor. Then also a nice big green salad with ranch dressing.
Dinner, pull pork sandwich, and peas.
My all most seven in evening snack. Bread with peanut butter and molasses.
We earn a point if we don't eat after seven in evening.

Our weight lost group start our holiday contest. We've ran this one before. You do certain healthy task and you earn points. To get your first ticket one must earn 50 points, then for each 25 points you'll get and extra ticket.
So setting a goal is worth 5 points. My goal is to have 65 or more points, by the end of the week. If my figuring is right one can earn 130 points or 3 tickets a week.

Did a little shopping once my shift was done. Bought my daughter law Molly 2 yards of fabric. From ALLEY FABRIC NOOK.
She likes red, for a color.
My other in daughter in law Betty. Confession time....I had an easier time picking out fabric. Find something with kitties or puppies your fairly safe.

I believe I found an crochet baby hat I want to try to make. I usual pick up some yarn at the thrift store for a practice run. If it comes out, I'll still let my granddaughter have it, and make anther CAP in a more friendly color. Which I'm clueless about it.
Well when it comes to crochet pattern I have trouble with the star symbol. I know it has to do with repeating, but how many times.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Since She Had An Appointment

Since Carrie had to have a mental evolution today and it gave me a chance to check out WEEKEND AND COMPANY in Sandpoint.
Nice store but completely out of my price range.
Not much on Wal mart but sometime I feel like I'm force to shop there. Because we are low in come. I don't consider my self in poverty.
People to me, who is in poverty. more or less live in such tattered surroundings. Doesn't matter how bad it is economically for me. I have never been in dirty, smelly or tattered clothing.
Talk to my daughter in law Betty and she said Sawyer could use a new skillet to do eggs in.
I like to keep my cash when I can into the local area, so I'll check around here first before moving down to Sandpoint.

I even go a chance to do a small walk around Sandpoint. I recall people making swings out of either cut planks or tires.

Well I'm still taking part in blog everyday in November though BLOGHER and I visit the blog who is just above me. They have a linking system.

So last week I visit these blog. Just at random chance two I had been to before.








As for eating. Let start right off with breakfast 2 eggs, 2 dinner roll with butter, and 2 1/2 strips of bacon.
Lunch I left in the fridge. So I stop by burger king and got a salad and a medium pumpkin milk shake.
Dinner was a roast pork, sweet potato and green beans.
Now for the naughty or opps food one piece of caramel and a chick o stick.

Well I felt a little sad, off across the parking lot. I saw the POTTERY BUG STUDIO in Sandpoint I still would like to put in a ceramic studio.
But for a while I need to bring in a study paycheck.
Well I start anther crochet dust cover for my swifter.
   Coffee is on

Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner

   Late this morning Murphy and I went up on Burton and got a pick up load of Rocky Mountain Maple. We really like it.
Some one drove by us, they were farther up the mountain. Pass us with a nice load of Tamarack. But I notice they had a club cab and two teenage boys.
First thing I though was Bart and  Sawyer. Then I said to Murphy "I wonder those boys will end up hating to get firewood."
We were bad parents we had our son do chores, and they had to go out and get fire wood.

    Tonight was our community first annual Thanksgiving dinner. It was well received. Hopeful they will continue it here.
When I usual go out. I try to limited my self to five items. End up having six items.
Breakfast was an McVandenberg with bacon. Lunch was taken with us to get firewood. Sardines, apple, banana, and pears with gradated cheese.
Confession time..I notice I take pinch of grated cheese. 

    I'm trying to figure out what I want to start to crochet next. A duster cover for my swifter or an stocking cap for my new grand daughter.
The swifter I know how to do.  A baby cap, not sure what an easy pattern would be.

                                                   Coffee is on


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