Monday, January 26, 2015

Not Up To Swabbing The Deck

A lease I didn't wake up so congested this morning. Had a good breakfast of egg, potatoes, and link sausage.

I don't like to crow to loud there is a 97% chance I'll be back to work this morning. Not coughing all that much.
Even mange to a few small chores. A load of colors, swept and vacuumed although I didn't move anything.

I put away my letters I receive from my pen pals during 2014...a few high lights of other people life...”In April set of my cousin travel to Idaho and South Dakota to meet each other family”...”.A friend of mine talks about purchasing tarps to cover her car “.....”A friend send me a card from Bakersfield at saying the weather been in upper 60's and lower 70's around Thanksgiving”
I stuck my letters in the steamer trunk .Confession time...which needs to be sort and organize.
Haven't done zero with any type of keeping track of money go in or out . As far as budget to live on we have $397 to live on until Friday which is my pay pay.
We do actual have more. If I write a check or use the debt card. Let say I purchase something for $12.50 I take out $13.00. Then for deposit of let say 201.54 goes into the account. I record it as $201 even.
Doing it this way I haven't balanced a check since my late teen or early twenty. Which I only did one time.
I was talking to group of people and told them I only balance one check in my entire life. That was in late 70's or early 80's. One lady ask me if I had religious experience then.
Which I didn't


Sunday, January 25, 2015

B.S Not The Usual Meaning

Feeling a lot better. Sunday afternoon I'll be going into Bonners Ferry to catch up my paper work. I still have my coughing spells every so often.
But been doing a little more each time. Dishes, made the bed, and general pick up. I still feel congested in bronchial tubes.
Roast pork, bake potato, and green beans for dinner.

Coffee is on  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

At Time Things Need To Come Into Your Neighborhood

Living in Bonners Ferry area. Things don't move all that much and there is a group of people who wants no change in our community.
I will be the first to confession time...I don't want to loose our small town feel.
At time things need to change. Our young people are leaving to work other places. I don't know anyone comon labor in our community even makes $15 an hour.

People are shocked around here I make $12 an hour.

WINCO is looking to put in a new store. I think either Bonners Ferry or Sandpoint would be good location. Although Sandpoint has a larger population base.
One needs to consider the money from Montana. I don't see any at all in Montana. Which would bring people from TROY and LIBBY 
Also there the Canadians who comes down from CRESTON and CRANBROOK to shop. There no WinCo in Canada.

At different time new business tried to come in and for different reason never made to our local community.
I never understood this. JOHN BIRCH didn't want any federal grant money to improve our community . I thought there main thing was to stop communism.
And the opposite of communism is capitalism.
At one time in our past, local John Birch put a stop for letting no new business into our area.

At different time at different local events I've heard the John Birch use term "SOCIALISM"quite freely.

Although I'm not sure how WinCo is funded when coming into a new communtiy. But here is a link to there FACEBOOK   page and were the heart is put in your town if you want a WinCo.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Skywatch and Seeing The Sun

Still not feeling top of the game. But before the crud hit one could see the sunshine over on Goat mt. Which is located in the CABINET mountain range. In Montana and Idaho.
To look at more sky and landscape, click HERE

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Not Gone In Three Days

Still have the crud but mange to get the dishes done. Hacking and coughing with it. If this crud isn't gone in three days I'm going to do something about it. Not sure what.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Minor Yuk

I got the minor case of the crud. I believe I rest up I should be ok. The flu is going around are area. But I believe I got a case of the bronchitis. Although I had a lot worst before.
So plenty of hot water. Statement time...I'm not a fan of cold water.

Today I got 3 letters in mail today from pen pal. Just think three letters one from Belleville Michigan, Hogoton Kansas, and Woodland California.

I took my camera and was going to do a short walk on the southside of Bonners Ferry. But I forgot to put in media card.
Some days are just like that.

I went to my T.O.P.S meeting and weigh in. Only one person in our group didn't loose weight. I lost one pound.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thinking of Statement Using Six Vowels.

Before I went to work. I stop in at Super One to purchase something for our local food drive. For Human Right Day they park bus at each of our grocery store here in Bonners Ferry. There is three grocery stores in our town.
Well the goal is to fill up the three buses of food. It will be donate to our local food bank. Statement time...I find it sad that people have to use a food bank and we're one of the richest country in world.

So I picked a few items and gave them $3.00 cash.

A little after 12:30 in afternoon I stop in at Carrie, her and I was heading to Sandpoint to see her doctor for pain.
Usual this doctor is right on time. I figure she would have been in 10 to 20 minutes to have her meds up dated.
She was in for little over and hour. To find out they poke about. They are going to give her a shot toward the end of the month.

After her appointment we stop in three stores. Her in two and me in one of them. She purchase her husband Hershel a pipe. She want some hard candy which is at the dollar store, right next to the pipe place.
I ran into Yokes market to get a few items. They had tomatoes on sale for .98¢ a pound. I picked up three of them.

Tuesday I will be going to my weigh in at T.O.P.S and hope they got quite a bit of food in all three buses.

Coffee is on


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