Thursday, May 28, 2015

Now It Came To Me

My last post I know there was something else I want post about. The other day I took 2 cases of Capri Sun out to the hope house. I call it the give away house. Usual they give away non food items such as toilet paper, soaps, clothing, female products, band aids and etc.
Not sure but during the summer time, when school is out they make up bags of goodies and pass them I believe is weekly.
A few of the items that is place in bag is cheese crackers, fruit cups, and other snack like foods.
I gather there over 100 children that use this program.

Well today I walk in Sandpoint. Carrie had quite a few medical test done and all of them came out with flying colors.
Manged to get my 30 minute walk in.
Took my lunch and I shared with Carrie at Sandpoint city beach.
There was quite a few hours between appointment. So we went to the PIE HUT and I was Confession time....I had a piece of chocolate pecan with side of ice cream, and also had 1/4 of Carrie German chocolate.
Rest of my eating was ok. Did take a short walk after dinner in hope to burn off some of the pie and ice cream calories.

Almost done with a dish cloth I been crochet. Maybe less the dozen stitches and tying it off.   

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Know More Happen

Murphy is out planting some peppers in our garden. I'm waiting for a phone call.
Carrie been in so much pain. That she trying to get back in to see her pain doctor.
But once she knows something she will give me a call, and how long will that be. Your guess is good as mine.
So I'm a prisoner to our phone. I'm a person who doesn't have a cell phone.
But I look at a cell phone is having a cord tied to you on 24 hour base.
I guess one can always turn off the cell phone”

Actual I might go and have coffee with my friend Quenella down at “Under the Sun” in Bonners Ferry.
Unless I get a phone call by nine this morning. I'll just get hold of Carrie and let them know I'll be at “Under the Sun”

Tuesday I did weigh in and I was down a .50 pound. My T.O.P.S club is having a challenge.
Surprising for me, one of the hardest things is to have a healthy breakfast. Finley I did it. Steel cut oats and banana. Not sure what I'll be having the rest of the day. Because I'm not sure what going on with my work.

I thought I would have more to say. But I'm drawing a blank.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

50 points

I was wondering if I was going to get my 50 points in our summer weight lost challenge. Looks like I'll just squeak by. One of the thing is "No white or white sugar at a meal" guess what I had for dinner, home made chicken and noodle soup. The noodles are made with "White Flour" But other then that I had no cookies or candy.
I tried something a little different. Plain white rice, with paprika, and dried pineapples. It was real good.

Off to Spairfitea, last time we had 11. I'm surprise that we have that many interested. I was afraid  of getting people out of the broom closet.

I wrote quite a few pen pals over memorial day weekend. I receive quite a few FRIENDSHIP BOOK and got them all send out.
Even made up a pen pal kit. The last one I made I add a few photos form around my community. I forgot to add them to this kit.
Oh, well I can send a few photos at later date.

My blog post tomorrow "keep your finger cross" I'll let you know if I lost weight or what. How things went with Spairfitea.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Take My Word We All Serve

I don't see my self going up to the gravy yard this weekend. No I didn't serve my country in uniform.
But I feel I serve others in so many ways. I have plenty of opportunity to help out others a little.
At times a little goes a long ways. Anyhow it better to serve and help the living. 
The dead is in there own place. What every that may be. 

I don't agree with the OATH keeper. But I thought it was a good ideal for our local chapter in Boundary County to have a food drive, there goal was to fill a one ton flat bed truck.
I purchase a few items and donate to them.
It worthy cause. I believe supporting my local area when I can. Which includes the misfortune in our our community.

As for other items today.

I paid most of the bills. I still have our internet and I'll pay that Tuesday. Since no mail is going out until then.
Got paid today. I had enough in our checking account that if I didn't get paid I could cover our basic bill for the next two month and put food on the table. It wouldn't be easy.

Stop in at Bank and I didn't rob it. As I said before I got paid from my place of employment.

Took care of Carrie.

Then on the way home I stop in at Safeway and got some discounted yogurts and pudding at 50% off.
As I was in check lane. I decided to purchase the guy behind me his six pack of beer, and few other items. Pay it forward.

Well right now I'm on hungry side. Not much junk food today. I did have a pudding I got on discounted bin. Well before I went to work I had an small hamburger and of course on cheap white bun. Dinner look like we're having Brats, mash potatoes and spinach.  

Friday, May 22, 2015

Lazy Day

Went to work drove Regis down to Sandpoint to see his head shrink. I know that not political correct term but I'm using it because I can't get the spell correct.

I don't know once I got home I'm so tired. Hopeful I'll get a chance to get my walk in.
Had a BST sandwich...Bacon Spinach and Tomato for breakfast. Also got mid size chocolate shake a McDonald,
Dinner Murphy has some chicken hind quarters in the oven.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Out There

This morning I increase my local walking up around the bend to the turn that takes you to Highway 95
A lease this time I didn't have to deal with some old crank. Daisy our dog and I walked it and back home, in a ½ hour.

Today I worked a split shift. This morning I took Regis in for MRI at our local hospital. They have an mobile unit they bring up on Thursday.
Then In the late afternoon I take Carrie down to Sandpoint to have a procedure done about her pain.
As she was having her procedure done I put up 3 fliers in Sandpoint area for our local “Earth Base Faith” gathering.

I swung by COMMON KNOWLEDGEID but they was close. But mange to get flier in ZERO POINTINQUIRE WITH INN, and MONARCH COFFEE.
At this point I don't see my self posting any next month in Sandpoint unless someone have an appointment in that area a week or so from our gathering in June. 
I found around a week is about the right time place up posters. To early they forget. To late they have other things planned.
Confession time....I try to post things on facebook proper groups or communities. I wouldn't post about our earth base gathering in a cooking group.
Well I want people around the TROY and LIBBY to know about our gathering. I posted it in yard sale and if I knew about community event page I would of place it there.

Stop over at LaWalla this evening. I'm trying to get her on with Regis. But for a while she and I will split the hours right down the middle. I will slow keep reducing mind down to 2 to 4 hours a week.
If I told Regis I was leaving that he would find fault with her. He met two other care givers and wasn't comfortable with them. Which he might of been.
But he is comfortable with me. And tends to be co-depended on others. I don't need that or he doesn't need that either.

I been some what dispointed on what I been eating my husband Murphy been doing all the shopping for food. As my work schedule been some what all over the place. Taking client to the doctors this week.
Ate a late dinner. Got home after seven had a thin (2) pork chops, cranberries, and plain bake potato with my friend Alice seasoning.
Before I left I had some left over spaghetti and cup of applesause.
Pancake for breakfast.
Fruit a banana.

I can see fault in my own health habit. But I'm always thinking to my self "I know people who eat chips, eat tons of sweets, and have a few pops a day" but my habits aren't as bad so I'm not as bad as some people I know.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Minute Ying and Yang

This morning I went for a walk in a different neighborhood up by Grandview Cemetery.
One of our challenge for T.O.P.S is to walk 30 minutes a day, and I like to chance things up a bit. I do take my camera when I go to a different place.
Well today I walk up Aspen street. There was this paranoid grouch and he told me I was trespassing. I wasn't on his property; I was on a city street. Then he ask me why I had a camera.
First I inform him I wasn't on his property that I was on city street. Then I told him I like taking photos. And insured him that I wouldn't take a picture of him or his place.
So I continue my walk to the end of the road and back down to my car, about 20 minute.

The old asshole watched me the entire time...Statement time...I'm tired of these MISFIT Californian moving up here. With there nutty ideal. What I've seen most of the are ultra conservative (NAZI)

I didn't get my 30 minutes in. So I drove up to cemetery and walk around the back edge on the west side.

Took Regis to see his doctor in Sandpoint. He is my newest client. His pain pills wasn't working. So the doctor put him back on Morphine.

We stop in a Super One in Sandpoint to get his prescription filled and I bought him and I a kid ice cone for .25¢
I had every intention to just have the cone and I bought my self a package of 3 oatmeal cookies. The old asshole up set me and I let it get to me. But I only ate one of the cookies, and the other two are out in my car.
Dinner was a little earlier then I like. So before seven I'll have a piece of toast with peanut butter.

Murphy planted quite a few tomatoes today. He had to steak and tie them. There is usual a breeze blowing.
And things get blown over fairly easy. 


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