Thursday, April 24, 2014

U Is The Twenty First Letter Of The Alphabet

I bet there a lot of UN in the world . I'm taking on world of un-balance. Opinion time...the world is un-balance which is now causing all sorts of afflict on one self and others.

The golden rule now is “who has the most gold rules” Sure there will never be true equality in world. But the economy is leaning to heavy one way.

The ones with more then a pocket full of gold is exploiting our environment. People may laugh at me but we need to respect our earth. Question time..After we exploit are earth then what? Let her run naked as she spins in stress around the sun.
  I been going and it been a slowly though are shed/barn shelves. The shed is so un-balance. There stuff out there, no one can assess. Got to much that others can use including us.
Haven't truly hit the smaller bed room haul out the worthless junk, I can't see giving or selling items that I wouldn't take or purchase.

Pretty much on the down hill side of shed shelves. Then a little tweaking in the bed room. Then the yard sale can be set up.
I'm not out to line my pocket with silver or gold. This is how things will be price....Give what you think is fair and you can afford.
They'll be less then ten items with price tags. What doesn't go will be heading down the road to one of our local thrift stores.

No one person can un balance the world. But every one of us can put a little more balance into it.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T Is The Twentieth Letter of The Alphabet

The torte I made isn't what I would consider a torte.

 I made what one would call a  BROWNIE TORTE I made it to take to Easter dinner but they had 2 other cakes that didn't get eaten up.
Faith Granddaughter Anna thirteenth birthday was all sort celebrated. Murphy and I gave her $10 cash. She got some more cash, clothing and make up.
Well my son Sawyer took some of them back home and he liked them.
The brownie torte was super easy. Not many dishes to dirty up actual I made it all in this one pan.
 I'm even considering trying some type of fruit torte.
Still can't get a true differentiation what a torte is.

T is for Torte.

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with letter “u”

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S Is The Nineteenth Letter Of the Alphabet.

I often wonder about my self. Let say I wonder about my self in a lot of area. Mostly when it comes to work recently.
Most jobs I have the management or owners were just a plain “asshole” who would talk down to you. Insult you.
There been jobs I left in tears that I even consider suicide.
The only thing I figure one could do is put up with the shit. Be super tight with your pay check. Sooner or later get your self laid off.
Or tell the management or owners to shove there job up there ass.

I sort of been looking for a job. Idaho is well known for there LOW WAGESI stop in at ASPEN office on my way home from work. I was even wondering to my self “why in hell I'm even pulling in” I guess one can't believe every thing they hear. I talk to a lady who was once an RN and they were willing to pay her $11.35 an hour. I briefly talk to her and she said her client was an asshole and she worked as hard as a floor RN.
I talk to Denni at Easter lunch, who got laid off at our local food bank. She heard that some people been started as low as $8.35 an hour.
With Idaho Partner In-care. A lease my average wages in $11.78 an hour. Actual there one of the better paid agency.
But I could use more hours not looking for a 40 hour week. Lease my two clients aren't assholes and they treat me with respected.

In anther area I wonder about my self why I care about others. I tend to do small things for those I can. Like purchase a few items for those who are struggling, take them place such as doctor appointments. I figure I would help out my friend Alice oldest son. Qwin a little bit each month. I told you about him, he gets $721 a month from SSI for his VISION TROUBLE and he has two son he support on this. He gets a state SUPPLEMENT possible up to $53 a month. The state next to us, Washington gets up to $197 for there state supplement....”Damn Socialist”
Confession time...I'm a little behind helping Qwin out.

I often wonder why I even give rats ass about others maybe I should be more self center.

S is for “self”

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with the letter “T”

Monday, April 21, 2014

R Is The Eighteenth Letter Of The Alphabet.

According to my second cousin once remove Jon we're related to the royal family of IRELAND Lot what Jon says, I just figure is “Beautiful Sunshine”. An easy way of putting it; he full of “Bull Shit”

 I been trying to get out the crab grass in flower bed. The one I call my “Royal Sunshine”,I name all of my flower beds.
The crocus are just finishing up.
The prim roses are just starting to bloom. I've tried growing prim roses over the years and I'm lucky if I make them though the year.
Faith gave me whole bunch last year, Murphy and I planted them around. At this point it looks like the ones in royal sunshine bed survive. Planet them in the other flower bed, at this point there no sign of any of them.
As one can see there not much going on in the royal sunshine flower bed

I sure hope the drumstick prim roses made it. The drumstick reminds me of a shorter version of flowering allium.

Don't have much of later season bloom. So I start some yellow and purple zinnias. Also purchased some yellow hollyhock seeds
Flowers have symbols and meaning BEHIND THEM 

R is for “Royal”

Stop by tommorow and see what start by letter “S”

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q Is The Seventeenth Letter Of The Alpahbet

I question everything. Now with a computer and if I want an answer GOOGLE There no wrong question out in the world. Possible they might be more then one answer.
Here is five question I recently thought up

  Which States are laughing stock of the nation? It simple I shouldn't had to google the answer it our POLITION Don't you think Senator Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa on the Munsters?

Why are some people Assholes? Some people takes to being an ASSHOLE easier then others.

Why is wrong to question the teaching of God? If aren't allowed to question something I don't care what hell it is. There trying to control your life.

   Is the world going to come to an end? I google that one and it a big can of worms. So I did the question again..Does the pagan believe the world going to come to an end? RAGNAR everything never truly ends just goes though it cycle of life. Some things and people just take longer then others.

Now if your wondering why I didn't do photo hunt. I just didn't have the time.

Now ask your question.

Q is for “question”

Stop in Monday and see what start with the letter “R”

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Friday, April 18, 2014

P Is The Sixteenth Letter Of The Alphabet

 The mouse ornament holding a star., almost done painting. Just started painting a girl gnome ornament.
I thought I would been done with all four of my ornaments, I started to paint. I've painted a few piece of bisque and is ready to be highlighted, backwash or antique. What every term you want to use.

 Last piece I complete was a WALKING JESUS ceramic piece. Which I have listed on ETSY Since my table was move temporary. I'm not going into great detail. It been moved so we could get to our planets easier. But in some of things it became a issue.

P is for “Painting”

Stop by tomorrow and see what for letter “Q”

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

O Is The Fifteenth Letter In The Alphabet

  1. We should have combination of a flat and progressive federal tax system. A few personal deduction,  $50,000 a year per person. A deduction per child of $20,000,  if the child is attending a credited school....After two basic deduction your federal income tax would be as following...$70,000 to $280,000 at 5%...$280,001 to $1,400,000 at 20%...1,400,001 to $12,000,000 tax rate should be 50%. Anything over $12,000,001 your tax rate should be 80%. During Eisenhower administration our tax rate for some was 91%.  
  2. Federal minimum wage should be $12.00 and hour. If employees who choose not to pay $15.00 an hour should have their name printed in local newspaper as “general exploiters”. Back during the great depression in 1930's any one who got public assistant had there name publish in the newspaper.
  3. There should be a global tax, anyone who can afford to take there money off shore; so they won't pay taxes in there own country. They need to pay global tax of 85% from the money they take off shore.
  4. National sale tax of 2% on everything except food and medicine.
  5. There should be a one payer system for all medical, mental health, and dental, should be base on a percentage of income. 1% to 5% of your net income. If someone choose to live a health life style you would pay smaller percentage, then those who choose not to and pay a higher percentage.
  6. The money one pays into social security,  the cap needs to remove. Until it remove social security tax is a regressive tax.
  7. Anyone who is on disability your payment should be started at $960 a month.
  8. Low income people should have voucher checks for things such as soap, toilet paper, and other basic needs. Snap (food stamps) doesn't purchase these items.
  9. If a person income is under $1,200 or $14,400 a year. From disability or social security retirement. They can apply for a quarterly check to fix or purchase necessity in life. The cap on this would be 18,000 a year...I've worked with enough disable and handicap people and all of there income is under $800 a month. This low income doesn't give them any wiggle room. Things break down and need maintenance. People hot water tanks goes, oven elements goes out, socks needs to be purchase, bedding needs to be updated, tires need purchasing, and etc. 
  10. I believe age majority should be 21. I've often wonder if a 17 year was accused of a crime and was tired as an adult. Found not guilty. Could he/she walk out of court house and purchase some beer from the local store?. No , but during the trial they treat him/her as an adult....age of majority needs to one solid age.
  11. I think everyone between 18 to 20 should do some type of civil service. Something like Franklin Roosevelt “New Deal” program P.W.A
    1.  Marijuana should be treated like alcohol and nicotine products and should be tax like them.
    2. Student who need to get a loans to go to collage. Should pay 3% to 8% of your monthly income, depending on your G.P.A for 10 years. Higher your GPA is lower the your payment would be.
    3. A person can run there blog any damn way he or she see fit.

    It my blog and I have every right to post my opinion on it

    O is for “opinion”

    Stop by tomorrow and see what start with the letter “p”

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