Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N Is The Fourteen Letter In The Alphabet

I was in our bedroom this past week looking out the window. Notice a strange bird flying real low above the field. At first I thought it was seagull and I know there usual in flocks and near water. It was gliding so beautiful.
So I called out to Murphy “look at that bird” and I ask “what kind of bird it is” He said a “ball bat” or a NIGHT HAWK and haven't seen one since he was a teenager. But there also known around this area as a BULL BAT 

N is for “Nighthawk”

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M Is The Thirteen Letter Of The Alphabet

I been total shock how much I like being a mom. Some people thought certain ages of off spring are just terrible. I joyed the terrible twos and unbearable teen years.
When I was growing up I was far from a girly girl. I didn't play with dolls much. I rather go outside an rumble tumble with the neighbor hood boys.
One time a psychiatric told me when was a teenager in mid seventy that I had desire to be a “male” See even to this day there things I don't enjoy other female so called aggravate me. Like shopping or playing nasty little female games of cattiness.
But I had desire to raise a family. Confession time..I prefer male company over female company.

Raising and being part of Sawyer and Bart life. I wouldn't trade if for all the tea in china. I was there mom not a friend. Murphy and I parent. Opinion time...I don't think being your children friend and not parent does them any good in long run.
I don't believe being overly strict has any good result either.

Now both of the boys flew the nest. My oldest one is married to lovely girl Betty. I stay out of there life. Me getting involve in there life will only cause conflict.
Sure I have a good relationship with both of them. Actual someone told me they could see me being close to my daughter in law.
Confession time...I get tired of people asking me if I like my daughter in law. Yes I like my daughter in law not because she married my son. Because she a very lovely kind human being. That deserve common respect . I haven't yet heard anyone asking Murphy if he likes his daughter in law.
Bart is now dating Diane and she went to school with Betty and graduate out of high school with Betty in 2006.
I feel the same about Diane as I do Betty she to is a very lovely kind human being. That deserve common respect.

Being a mom once your children leaves home and is being a productive and responsible adult of society is whole different ball game. Plus it a lot easier to be a mom to grown children.

M is for “Mom

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Monday, April 14, 2014

L Is The Twelfth Letter Of The Alphabet.

For a whileLADIES OF LETTERS was on public television and both Murphy and I enjoy watching this show.
One might not believe a show about two ladies corresponding to each other might not be all that great of a show.
It was funny and every Thursday evening Murphy and I would set in living room and watch “ladies of letter”
Murphy said this show remind him of Quenella and I. She and I been sending note cards for ages even we see each other in person and talk on the phone.
I recall my mom writing letters to her sister and she would address the envelope Mrs (using husband first name) and there married last name.
When Murphy and I got an envelope address this way I about bust a gut do to laughter.
At one time our basic communication was in form of LETTER WRITING I even recall magazine would even have section of pen pals that you could correspond with. I know people who would write page after page to there penpal. Confession time...I never found such penpals.
At this time I send letters on note cards to some ladies. I found though a facebook group called “witches and wiccan penpals”
Not sure how safe this is but there is a site called PENPAL WORLD I know when people back in day was looking for a penpal would just put a few lines about them self and there snail mail address.

I don't know what it is but it nice to receive a letter in your snail mail box.

L is Letters.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

K Is The Eleventh Letter In The Alphabet

Editor Note... If your looking for the photohunt it will be below for the month of April. I'm taking part in A TO Z CHALLENGE 

BATMAN was on the Television and I was a batman fan. The one that Adam West and Burt Ward star in. I got my hand on anything batman related.
I even had a bat kite. Not sure what it look like to be honest with you. Oh I know it was black and had eyes looking down at you.
So my dad, Harold (Pete) help me but it together. My mom Myra found some old rags made from towels for the tail. Never could figure out why a kite need a tail. After the kite was assembled my dad and I went out in field across the street. He held the kite as I ran and up went my bat kite.
I was really impress watching those bat eyes looking down on me.
My dad told me about his BOX KITE when he was young. He told me some people had pretty fancy box kite. But his was pretty plain. I've never seen a real box kite, let lone fly one.
Every Easter I got my sons there Kites and some time other kids kites.

Now I can see were a kite would burn a few calories

K is for Kite.

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I'm clueless or I don't want to remember how I got this Ginormous load of dishes. I must of bake something. Hubby don't bake. But he does cook.
Dishes are usual done on daily bases. I wouldn't say there done a 100% of the time, once day. But I would say our dishes are done daily at 96% of the time.
My son Bart gave me this necklace and ear rings for Christmas. I have a hunch his girl friend Diane picked it out.
The stone is actual  SEA SEDIMENT JASPER When I first saw it I thought it was turquoise stone, I was wrong.
One thing I need to do is get my ears re-punched. I let my holes close shut.

Next weekend photo hunt themes will be INDIGO and or STILL LIFE

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Friday, April 11, 2014

J Is The Tenth Letter In The Alphabet

Lot of people have said wise words and gave leader ship to many. I don't  following in one spiritual  path in life. Question all of them.
I prefer the PAGANISM which allows freedom to follow other paths such as Christianity, shamanism, humanism, and etc. It doesn't scare you away from free thought.
Opinion time..There is no free will in the christian faith. God gives you free will to choose to be christian and to except Jesus as your only personal savior, so you'll have eternal life. What crock of shit. 
JESUS taught and had good ways of dealing with human kindness.

But then To bad apostle Paul got involved in the christian faith. MATHEW 25 35 TO 40 But also Jesus talk about shunning and being intolerant of others, such verse as MARK 6:11 , So if someone have different view then Christianity, Just don't tolerate it. JOHN 1:10 see every thing is made for the christian even heaven. The rest of us our heading to hell or we will be recycle back to earth to learn and teach lessons. 1 JOHN 2:22 How sure are we that Jesus is the way to eternal life how about Buddha is he/she a lair. I've had more dirty deed done by christian, then other faith. 2 John 1:7 No if you speak against any faith that is built from Abraham your out to deceive people.
Come right down to it Jesus was a REBELLIOUS JEW and wasn't a very bright one. He goes into temple and throws money around.
Opinion time..It would be same as if I went into wal-mart and start breaking things up. Sure I know wal-mart and the one percent could pay more to there works. If I behave like that , wouldn't got hung to cross. I would get my ass haul off to jail.

 I've never seen JESUS with his tool belt on. Isn't he a carpenter. But he has a lot of word of wisdom and so does a lot of other people.

J is for Jesus

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Is The Ninth Letter In The Alphabet.

I wish “I” could say “I” have the answer to everything. I can't honestly state “I” know all. Usual life is full of “we” or “they”

I total can't say “I” came up with the ideal of fencing the raspberries up. I know my parents on one of there raspberries patch ran three wire and tried to contain the raspberries. It didn't work for what every reason.
So Murphy came up with the ideal of placing a drilled board to the post. So when we stretch the wire it would be more stable.

But I can say "I" came up with the ideal of using bright color flagging on metal post do they would be easier to site in.

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with the letter “J”

I is for I

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

H Is The Eighth Letter In The Alphabet.

I often wonder about who don't have any humor to there life. There sucking on lemons.

Three priest was standing by the pearly gates waiting for Saint Peter to let them in to Heaven. Saint Peter ask the first priest “have you every fooled around with a girl” the first priest replied “No” so for being such a good man and leaving those nasty women a lone. He got him self a new Cadillac to drive in heaven.
Now it was the second priest turn to be let into heaven. Saint Peter ask him the same question “Have you every fooled around with a woman” The priest said shyly “Well once during my High School prom, I felt under her dress”
Saint Peter told the second priest “oh that back in high school so you get a dodge to drive around in heaven.
So now it was the third priest and Saint Setter ask the priest “Have you every fooled around with a woman” The priest replied “Hell yes got all the ass I could get. Some time after Sunday masses I would diddle two or three of the ladies” Saint Peter looked at him and said “That's not very becoming of priest but since you are honest. I'll let you in heaven with a beat up ole clunker”
All the priest was up in heaven driving around.
The first priest who receive the Cadillac was laying on fluffy white cloud just rolling around laughing un-controllable.
So the third priest who drove the clunker pulled beside the first priest and ask him what so funny.
The first priest answered “The pope just past me a pogo stick”

H is for humor

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with the letter “I”

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