Saturday, July 26, 2014

Huff and Puff By My Chinny Chin

SIDHE came though early. We had a major storm blew though on Wednesday. Just as we were cooking dinner. Yes we did loose power but lucky we have an gas range.
We lucked out compare to some others. No big damage was done. Some people had big trees fall on there homes.
Thursday before I took Carrie to her doctor appointment I went and visited Murphette out toward Moyie Spring. Not much damage on the way out.
But I drove the older highway back home. Notice someone lost most of there roof.

Our life was bit inconvenient compare to other who had it lot harder. Didn't have power. Actual the wind took out all the dead and unhealthy branches from our trees. Two load pick up loads were haul to the dump. Plus a good soaking for the garden.
Since we have a gas range to cook on. This range has an electric start with out any electricity We had to use wooded matches to light the range to cook
The fridge was anther issue. Not much in freezer part in the fridge. We gave the stuff to Murphy niece Quincy, she has five offspring.
Put ice in meat try and didn't open it as much. Seem to keep the food not spoiling.

Friday Morning I went for my walk in our neighborhood. Chris was checking on his place and wondering when they would have the power back on.
Thursday evening he tried to get his generator started. No go.
His freezer was full of meat.

This was freak storm that came though usual storms like this come though later part of August; first part of September.
To finish off the harvest season. Now I keep hearing we're in for a warm up. Ninety plus (32.2) But only time is going to tell what the weather actual does. None of us can do anything about it any how.

Actual the power came up to us, lacking 2 hours being 48 hours. Actual the storm did us more good then warm. Trees got a good shacking and garden got good socking.

Coffee is on

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It What It Is

This morning I had to go to my TOPS meeting. I was hoping for just a maintain. My weigh in for July 15 I gain a ¼ of pound. The weekend before that we had a family reunion.
So today weigh in I lost a little over 2 pounds. Now under 210. Considering we had our 36th class reunion.
I don't see my self getting down to size 12-14 before my youngest son Bart wedding in September. But one or two size down would be nice.

I'm up to almost the bend on the county road. Just past the old Nelson place. Zella lives there now.

This morning Quenella and I met at Under the Sun for our coffee. Chit Chad a bit about every day life stuff.
She wrote something in the kindred spirit journal place there. It seem it coming along. People been writing a fair amount in it.

As I was driving home and I thought I was going to help Murphy with washing the shed down. But he flag me as I was almost to top of Peterson hill.
So I turn around and met him at bottom. He told me that Carrie had an Appointment with the pain doctor in Sandpoint.
Crap they could done what they did, over phone. I guess they want to charge medicaid and medicare. For an office call. Carrie gets both. Medicare picks up a certain amount. Instead of her paying the 20% which Medicare doesn't cover. Medicaid covers the medicare part.
They told her she need to come in on Thursday for shot. Crap, it would be a lot easier and cheaper for the tax payer if they just called her on phone.
She in quite a bit of pain and they increase her dosage of her OXYCODONE from 20mg to 30 mg. Well you need a hard copy to pick those up at the pharmacy.

On the way back home I swung by her childhood home. She lived near what is now COMMON KNOWLEDGE back then it was a little mom and pop store.
Then after I want to see if anything was happening with the Kindred Spirit Journal I place at Monarch Coffee in Sandpoint.
I didn't see it out side and went inside to see if it was there, no luck. I have no ideal were it end it up at.
Can't worry about it.

Coffee is on

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Middle Of Some Were In Life.

Middle age is one of the odd place in life...You don't have any desire to go back in life and make the same stupid mistake. Then on the other hand you know what head in life....Becoming real old.
Saturday Hubby and I attend my 36th class reunion. Some how the 35th was over looked. We're all middle age now.
I would guess none of us would want to go back to our younger days. A lease I don't . The only thing I would like to take some inches off my middle and boobs, mostly the boobs.
I went to my 10 and 20 year reunion. This reunion I enjoyed more then the last 2. We're a lot more humble and being self center sure took a back seat or even stuck some place under a mat.
I guess none of should get rid of being some what self center. I guess 10% would be a good round number of being self center.
Any thing less. People who shit all of you.

Now Faith who I been drive and taking marketing. Is sure going down hill. I went to work on Wednesday and she seem confuse of what day it was. Find out she got her self dehydrated.
Well she is sharp as a tack. Not long before she even talk that she couldn't remind in her home.
She always live in present time and reality.
But she has a stubborn streak. Not saying I don't. I tried to talk her in having someone come in your home just twice a month. Not even necessary even me. But I believe she would have been a lot better off if she took these step.
But only you can suggest and leave it and move on.

Confession time... Getting old doesn't bother me. The way I do it or how I end up. I need my mind and someone wiping my rear end. Bothers me.
Those are the two things I rather not have to deal with.
I haven't had any client who enjoy having the rear wipe. But I have heard of other friends who is in the same line of work. They had client who enjoy having a servant and having someone wipe there butt.
One lady let everyone in a restaurant that she had someone to wipe her ass. I guess some people will do about anything for a power trip
Being stubborn and independent kept Faith in her home, until 91 year old.
Not sure what is going to go on. Her family is letting her make the decision. Which she is quite capable.
I guess if I get that old I will make good sound decision on how my care will be when I'm up in my golden years.
I guess when we're ready to leave this life. I'm like most who just go peaceful in there sleep.

I've been told it not wise to burn the candle at both end of life. Or light one end and then blow it out, quickly light the other end can have it troubles. In simple terms being “Wish Washy”
Standing on side line never get you any place in life. Standing in middle can get you hacked from both side.
It look like it best to just plug a long in life. Do the best you can and live by the golden rule.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Place Your Truthful Words in a Kindred Spirit Journal

One evening I was listening to the news about the KINDRED SPIRIT MAILBOX and was touched by the story.
So I thought of placing a note book and pen, in plastic sleeve. Place them at small cafe around the country.

My first one was place in BONNERS FERRY at UNDER THE SUN , which is located on main street. They do have a few little round table with chairs out on the street.

The second one was place in SANDPOINT at MONARCH MOUNTAIN COFFEE on fourth street by the post office. Never seen a little white fence around the out door cafe area. What neat ideal.

If you see a kindred spirit journal. Please take a moment and share a thought, drawing and or a picture. If stumble on an empty sleeve please place a note book and pen in it....So other can write to the Kindred Spirit.

Please help....Only need 3 items a notebook, pen, and plastic sleeve to place the notebook and pen in.
On the plastic sleeve write....Writ Journal”...Write, draw, and or share a photo. Return notebook to plastic sleeve. The last person who shares in “kindred spirit journal” will you please donate it to your local library.

Write, draw, share a photo. Return notebook to plastic sleeve. The last person who shares in “kindred Spirit Journal” will you please donate to local library or Museum.

I'm trying to get the kindred spirit journal at many cafes I can.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

None There Are Pure Irish

We had a family reunion down on the pond. My Aunt Eve place. I believe this was the McCalmont place in Ireland.
But the ones I know spell it McCalmant. Not sure how many was there. But I would guess 50 or so. Last year we had over a 100 that attend it.
The oldest was 87 and youngest was 2 or 3.
A few drove over from the west coast.
Plenty of food, stories, and just plain bull flung all over the place. But all in all.

All of with the surname of McCalmant have our own personality. Good or Bad not even going to say.
I think it would be interesting to do 20 or so different group picture at a reunion and see how each group compare. Such as...
By the decades...under 10, 11 though 19, in their 20's, 30's and so forth.
One who learn to play an music instrument
Those who consider them self liberal, and one for the conservative.
Those who married in family
Do some group by income.
Those who consider them centric and non.
Even a picture of those who know how to tap dance.
And so forth.

To me it would be interesting in seeing how each of the groups would play out. I know there would be family members who wouldn't take part.
Our family like any other family has dirt swept under the carpet.
Some people believe to keep there head buried in the Sand. Live a lie by lying

Not sure how DENNIS MCCALMONT is related

Enjoy....Coffee is ON  

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Old Hunting Lodge Sure Has Class

We took a drive over by NOXON which it been a while since I been down the bull lake road. Bart invited us over. Diane family was over there.
They was staying at the BIG HORN LODGE Which at one time was an hunting lodge. Now a simple but elegant lodge set up as a bed and breakfast.
One thing I liked about the place is. That you have use of the kitchen. Which would be handy for those who are on special diets and not even sure how far is close place to eat.

I seen the Ross Cedar before and the lodge is just south of that. We did a little hiking and visited the ST PAUL LAKE area. There an old ranger station build shortly after the 20th century. One can rent the station and some lady from Oregon was staying there.
The old home becomes very hot. I guess modern insulation is a handy way of maintain homes climates.

We did a little hiking in area.  

Beautiful place and the host and hostess are lovey people and made you felt quite welcome. They had a coffee for me, when I arrived.

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Monday, July 07, 2014

Oh There So Much Beauty Here.

Green Bay not the football team called the Packards. Murphy and I spend Sunday the 6th of July on the rocky beach.
No sand. We wish we brought some chairs. Rocks we saw were flat. One lady was collecting them for the fire place they were building.
Great for skipping rocks across LAKE PEND OREILLE
Which I'm out of practice.

This beach is part of National forest. A well kept place for tent campers. No place for RV type of campers.
One thing you might want to bring is a few roll of toilet paper the day we were there, out house had no toilet paper.

Across the water way is little town of HOPE and the Green Monarch Mountains. Which was carve by MISSOULA FLOOD

People at beach and not overly crowd had to take a short hike in. Some one told us about a nice cedar grove in area. A lot of smaller lakes in area.
Found two other place hike GOLD HILL and COMMUNITY TRAIL Notice a sign before you turn down to GREEN BAY and MINERAL RIDGE 

Yes, the water was cold but it felt good on a hot summer day.

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