Monday, February 08, 2016

Down Down

Had chance to work on some genealogy. Work mainly on my husband side. trying to dig up any information.
One thing his Mother paternal side are southerns. My husband Grandpa "Charles Slider" came from POINT TEXAS, and his dad Richard came from Tennessee.
Farther south I found any of my relative is Kansas or Missouri.
But what I found interesting Charles was born in 1902 and his dad death is list as 1900. Question does a dead man father a child.

Been getting a little more movement in. And no eating after seven in evening. So when get on scale tomorrow I would like it to read under 216.
Some where between 215 and 216.
Dinner was delicious. It been a while since I had any beef other then ground beef. Found a london broil in Safeway half off.
Green beans and Mashed Potatoes. When I mashed them add a table spoon of Margarine and some milk.
But didn't add any topping when it was on my plate.
Before 7 I had some vanilla pudding. Don't recall the company that made the pudding. But the vanilla flavor is super strong.

My husband sure been grouche. He seem to be in a lot of pain.

Carrie sure improve over the weekend.
This coming Friday the Medicaid Nurse she will interview Liz and Murphette.
Who knows how many hours any body is assign. I see people who get plenty of hours which they don't need.
And others have hardly any hours.
I put in request for more hours with Carrie. It seem like it takes them every in day, government that is. I don't understand there reason behind this.
I've seen people after a operation or being in hospital. Send home and used there in home care hours up in about one or two days.
If they have operation or accident and they should increase there hours automatic by 25% for two weeks let the medicaid nurse come out. Valuate the situation and adjust hours from there.
If they did it this she would have 21.25 hours.

Unknown what they will do with Murphette. I was going us the word land lord but they just ask her to pay the electric on the place.
There no running water and lady who owns the place can't afford to fix the leak.
So she is ask to be out by the first of April.
I found out though my friend LaWalla there some openings over in Troy Mt for Low income apartments.
So I got her an application for them.
Now the thing is, will she fill out the application.
So what I did offer to take one load over for her when she gets the apartment. But if it some place else as long as it 100 miles or less.

I sure didn't want to nag Murphette or put my nose in her business either. But it seem if someone isn't push her, she sure won't get it done.
This way offering to take load I don't feel as much that I'm being a nag.
I sure don't want to see her back living in her van.

My friend LaWalla is moving into the apartment in Troy next couple of days. She getting her for free she had enough deductions.

Mange to get the wall washed in smaller bedroom which I'm making into my sewing room. Now the only thing is good vacuuming

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Saturday, February 06, 2016

No Photo

Left my camera in my cousin Rita vehicle. Four us went to Molly baby shower in Spokane Valley. We all rode down together. Which was my two Aunts Eve and Bea.
I struggle with Aunt Eve, her snotty attitude. And the way she nicely put every thing in little boxes. In her thought Muslims are all terrorist, Indians are all dirty, poor people are stupid, and I could go on and on about how she stereo types people.
My husband and I are low income but we're not destitute. For some reason she thinks we're down and out people.
So she tells me and few other how much she spent on the diaper bag, don't recall the price. But I can tell you the baby swing I got for my new up coming Grand daughter cost more.

Haven't yet decide what to call my Grand daughter when it comes to this blog. But her actual name will be Emilia Mae.
When she is born I will then decide what she will be called. For this blog, but for now she has no name.

My daughter in law Molly got a lot of cool stuff for the baby. One thing was a nursing pillow. And a little pushing type of cart that you can put a baby carrier in.
I had a baby carrier and after a while your arm would get sore.

Watch the Republican debate. The last person I would want for President would be Ted Cruz. I wonder if he has any empathy for his fellow man. Maybe for the very rich.

Still crochet blocks using odds and ends pieces of yarn.
My Aunt didn't get her nasty attitude and thinking she so much better then any one else. Because she does have some wealth.
I brought extra sock and undies in my purse. If said something insulting I would of spent the night at my son Bart and wife Molly.
Would have to run to Fred Myers and got T shirt or sleep in one of Bart T Shirt.
Paid for there gas to take me back to Bonners Ferry.

All went well and even stay on track when it came to eat and also a little time on tread mill.

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Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Little Brighter

Not sure why I like this piece of fabric. There not much to it less then fourth of yard. Planning to put it in next rag rug I do.
Believe I got almost enough fabric to anther one.
Notice colors I'm short on is the brown and reds.
The bottom fabric I could work into the brown, green, and red section of the rug. The gold or some might call yellow will be in it own section.
Red and gold fabric I can divide up equal among it self.

Quenella and I went shopping in Sandpoint. Usual when I go to Sandpoint. It to take someone to the doctor and I might get a chance to run to one place and quickly grab and item. Make sure I'm back before there out of the doctor office.
Today we went to ZERO POINT Quenella got a wind chime. I got a pendulum and a blank card. Been behind writing to pen pals.
We went over to the PINE STREET BAKERY had coffee and a treat.
Then over to Ponderay where Walmart and such.
Didn't need much. Actual the only thing I need was panties. I got 2 outfit for the baby. Also a large set of color pencils , 72 colors.
Oh and plain note book when I start going though COMPLETE WORKBOOK OF WITCH CRAFT

I'm a supporter of Mom and Pop places. Complete understand why they need to charge higher price then wall mart.
And understand that there places or business cater to a upper crust clients. I won't be shopping anytime soon at HARVEY NICHOLES
But when small business that the 1% don't shop at and charges out rages prices. I have an issue with that.
Don't mind paying a few extra dollars to help mom and pop place out. But when they feel they need to charge 10 times of what a big box store does.
I just won't shop there.

Took some odds and ends of yarn. Using two strands and crochet blocks. Double crochet. Some interesting combos so far.
Sometime if there to much white and anther color I don't care for it. But I seem to like when there is a brown mix with anther color.

Sure was a welcome break from work. Yesterday I sure what trouble keeping on track of health eating.
Even I went to the bakery. I kept everything in perspective when it came to eating. I wouldn't say that about yesterday.
I haven't done the math but I know I got a lot more steps in

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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Down A Bit

Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S and I lost the most weight in our group. A pound and quarter. I've mention I don't like be at top of anything.
Or dead last. Having someone make fuss over me is quite un-comfortable
Taking my lunch seem to help and limited my self to four items.
We did a promise things in our group. We each tell what we're planning to do for the week, one thing.
The two ladies promise to loose quarter pound.
Mine is to take 6,000 steps.
Right now I'm at 4,070 steps.
If you make your goal you put in fifty cent and if you don't you put in a dollar.

Work related I just want to cuss at medicaid. My client Carrie had hip surgery and could use extra time.
But like most thing connect with the Government it lacks common sense.
Instead of taking care of it after the fact. They need to take care of it before or lease increase hour by twenty five percent for a lease two weeks.
Now after I put in for increase hours. I have to wait for a medicaid nurse to approve if she needs the increase hours.
Time the medicaid nurse shows up. The hours or ticking by. My hours are all most used up. If we go over assign hours we don't get paid.
I can complete understand why they limited the hours. Or you would be there around the clock.

Don't understand pain and pills. Carrie is horrible pain from the surgery. But the doctor who did the surgery refuse to help her mange the pain.
I can complete understand why. Crap she takes enough pain pills. She takes Oxycontin 30 mg twice a day.
And Oxycodone 10 mg.
She been on pain pills for so many years and is complete hooked. Not saying she doesn't have pain but they need to figure out the reason.
Instead of handing her a bandaid, pain pills.

Today before work I took Murphette and application for the low income housing in Troy.
About ready to watch FINDING YOUR ROOTS

                                                   Coffee is on  

Sunday, January 31, 2016

This Is Cheaper Then Having A Therapist

It seem we're almost to the stag in life we can open our month and say aauh and have a computer. Give us a physical.
Our Safeway pharmacy.
I've notice more people was using it when they had a blood pressure cuff. Now I people just don't want to sit and monkey with the new fancy machine.

Well now IBM WATSON can pretty much give you a complete mental check up. To see if your few screws loose.
I guess some employers are using this to see if your fit into there firm or not.
I know in my line of work, in home care as long as you can past a back ground check, no felony, have vehicle insurance, and current driver license your good to go.

At the end of this post I will let you know what Watson said about me.

My client Carrie is having hip surgery in Courd' Alene. So I nee do get up around 2:30 or 3:00 in morning.
Check in time is 6: 30 also in morning.
So today I went help her prep for the surgery.
My hours should increase. But by how much is anyone guess.

I got more of the book cases cleaned off. A few more items to take care of on the twin bed. Then I'm moving on to either the basement pantry or under the stair well.
I know there ceramic supplies under the stairs. But what is what I'm clueless, and continuation items could be questionable.
Now in the pantry I been in there more. I know there Tupperware and items I haven't used in ages. It will either go to the thrift store or to yard sale pile.
Maybe 2 or 3 years ago I went though the pantry.
It sure wouldn't hurt. I know I can find anther 2 to 3 boxes, whiskey size ones. Of items I could get rid of.

Still a blogger fan. I do other social media site. But I been with blogger since 2005. I take part in other social media.
But I seem to visit or feel less strain with blogger.
Just set up a account with G+.
Not counting blogger. I only link my blog post with three other social media sites. I belive there more to life then computers.

As family history or genealogy. I been working on my Sutter line. Any info I try to look up I usual goes to JOHN SUTTER Of Sutter mill. The place they discovered gold around the bay area.
But my Sutter family mostly end up in the Midwest and came out of GRAUBUNDEN 
I want to know how far I been walking. It been a while since I used my tracker necklace. Yesterday I walked 3,245 step. It tells me I need to wake up and move more.
No wonder I'm not loosing weight.
Today I took 4,611 steps.
Eating went ok. My naughty food was once again .25¢ ice cream cone.

Took a little walk around Carrie neighbor hood today. All photos is from my walk and even climb a bit of hill.

Well this is what my MY BLUE PRINT personality is, below

You are sentimental, unpretentious and can be perceived as shortsighted.
You are empathetic: you feel what others feel and are compassionate towards them. You are organized: you feel a strong need for structure in your life. And you are down-to-earth: you prefer facts over fantasy.
Your choices are driven by a desire for well-being.
You are relatively unconcerned with achieving success: you make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. You consider helping others to guide a large part of what you do: you think it is important to take care of the people around you.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Life Stuck In a Time Capsule

Pretty much ready to move my sewing machine stand up in smaller room. Less and less odds and ends I need to figure what to do with.

I have to say at times I get some what discourage on the pace of my life. I've post about putting in a ceramic shop.
But it looks like it won't happen to I'm 60 years old. 4 years down the road.
There so much to be done to set up a ceramic studio in our basement. If I work everyday at it, which I won't.
It a lease a 4 year project.
Once I turn 60. If Carrie is still here. I believe I will put in a lease 12 to 16 hours a week that I would earn $120 to $200 a week.
But maybe by then we will have some type of raise. Haven't seen a raise in 3 years.

I won't be going into town tomorrow until my pay check comes in the afternoon. This time I will have a transit check of $17.00 to deposit or cash.
I went over to my Aunt Eve. Her and I have some what a strange relationship. But one thing when it comes to gathers. I don't like to see anyone left out.
Molly is having her baby shower. And I didn't want anyone feel left out or drive down a lone.
So I went over and talk to my Aunt Eve to make sure everything could possible work out.

The end of January I have 3 Aunt Birthday. Penny who just turn 88, Eve who just turn 86, and I believe Aunt Bea just turn 85.
At the end of January they all get together and sooner or later they get on each other nerve and start to bicker.
Basic sibling rival.
So I believe Aunt Penny is heading back to HAVRE MONTANA some time this week.

Eating been more in control. Been doing floor exercise. My hip and shoulder been giving me issues.
So Tuesday I'll weigh in and with my finger cross. I should be down.
I can talk to my cousin Rita and see if she still is planning to come. And see who will be riding with her.
Oh I wish I can blink every so often and drop 3 to 12 pounds. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to blink and be at perfect tone either.
I believe I could handle it.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

It Should Be Simple As Falling Off A Log

As some one who does in home care here in Idaho we get paid twenty five cents a mile. For non emergency transit  My client Carrie has hip surgery this coming Monday and some follow up appointments.
It all depends who you get on the other end of the phone. This was my smooth transaction of mileage reimbursement.
I have to wonder about some people.
But I can't say getting her walker did go as smooth.
The doctor who is in Post Fall said she need a walker. And she has a old one what was her Father in laws.
Not sure if this is type she needs or not.
Talking about Government waste and bull. (Bureaucracy)
Found out that a doctor can't write an Rx for a walker, just with a phone call. But has to see the client in person. She make appointment and see the doctor.
Explain to her doctor why she needs a walker.
The doctor tells her to call the doctor who doing the hip surgery. And that doctor to fax  her local pharmacy in Bonners Ferry, which does handle any type of mobility equipment.
But possible a drug store in Sandpoint can handle it.
So hopeful when I bring her home from the surgery that I can swing by and pick up the walker.

I sure wouldn't say private health care insurance is anything great. Not sure how well the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT is doing.
Idaho never join or did the MEDICAID EXPANSION and set up there own health exchange. Not sure what if any Idaho companies have to provide health insurance for there employees.
I pay $85 a month and receive a subsidize  of about $315. But I have a $5,000 deductible, and when I meet my $5,000 deductible. My insurance will only pick up 70% then and I'm responsible for 30%
My medical cost, if I'm lucky runs $500 a year.
So right now I'm tossing $85 down drain. It might sound great if I had a major injury or illness. But in all honesty we still would end up going bankruptcy.

Don't think I told Murphette needs to move again. Sound a little fishy. One lady let her stay rent free but she need to pay the electrical.
The place doesn't have water and lady who own place can't afford to get the leak fix.
Don't know what that has to do with renting a place.
I know some one ages ago renting a cabin without any electric, water, and wood heat. I believe they paid around $300 a month.
This place in winter no one hardly plowed the roads and you better be stocked up for the winter.
It would be so simple to add some income. She and this guy Clovis lived together for close to 17 years.
She took a loan up to fix his house. Because his two kids was coming over from the coast to live with them.
When she took out the loan she was working in accounting department at the casino. And later on her income drop because she end up on disability.
And is still paying on it.
Tell you one thing I wouldn't be paying some rent on ex never married to and wasn't living at that residents.
Unless there was court order and if I got a court order. Then I would check in going bankruptcy.

It been raining last few days and haven't had a chance to take any walks. Yesterday I took Regis to the pain clinic in Sandpoint.
Usual LaWalla takes him, that's his main caregiver. But she had to meet the manger of some low income apartments in Troy.
Not sure how it went. Talk to her briefly and she has the flu.

Stop by and see Alice and she was trying to figure out her bills. She made the comment I make a good income and I should be living comfortable, and I struggle every month.

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