Wednesday, September 02, 2015

So Short and Sweet

   We got rain off and on though out the day. Went to both of my client. Carrie had an eight this morning doctor appointment.
A red flag was sent to her doctor about her pain meds. One of the doctor at clinic suggest that she takes 3 a day of Oxicontin.
Well we had to listen to a lecture about pain meds. So she back on her old regiment. Oxi at 30mg twice a day. Then in between time she takes hydrocodone and
she also takes lycira. With all that pain med she takes trazodone for sleeping.
Well since we was at the doctor I had her leg checked out, for blood clots. And one is still fairly large and tender, thought she should get and x ray on her left femur.
She will have her interview with the Medicaid nurse, and possible she will get more time under "supervision" The nurse is coming out the 17th.
After Carrie I went over to Regis did up a few dishes, and little vacuum. Recently they redid his psychology meds. Some time I think he doing better and other day not so.
We went to two thrift stores, and shopping at safeway. He was pretty sore from the activity.

Eating went fairly ok, I guess. In my own thoughts I mess up twice. Took Carrie to the local food bank.
By the coffee pot they have a few treats and I got a hostess "Ho Ho" and when we got back to her place I reheated up some "lemon poppy seed scones" with coffee.
Did mange to get a walk in, a little over 15 minutes.
Took my camera and got photo of clouds and sky.

I bought an DNA though Ancestry. It just arrived the other day and it takes them time to get result back.
One thing I can tell you what I dug up on my dad (Witherell) side they sure seem to be some what inbred since way back in the late 1800's.
Although I haven't ran into any first cousin being married.
I often wonder why my line is dying out. Seem like they never reproduce little ones...
My 2nd great grandfather "Gilman" had 3 sons and 2 daughters. The girls died before they were 12 years old.
The oldest son George and wife Suzie move to California and had one son "Herbert" As far as I can find out "Herbert" had no childern. Found a step child and uses the last name of "Witherell" Now for the second child "Henry" who had one son "Harley" and he died in the civil war living a widow and she remarries.
As for his son "Harley" he has one son "Harry" and no children was born to "Harry"
Now my great grand father "Dewayne" has two sons " Maurice" and "Clarence" Maurice died do to the Earth Quake in San Francisco,(early 1900's) leaving no children. My Grandfather marries my grandmother "Elise" has my dad "Harold" Pete they soon get a divorce. Both remarries, Clarence marries Pearl who I understand was widow. But they have no children together. Elsie remarries and has quite a few children which would be my dad 1/2 sibblings.
Even before my dad marries my mom he has two other wife. Anna which she dies 3 months into the marriage. No children in this reunion. Later on my dad marries Lousie and they were married for around 20 years no children.
My dad marries my mom "Myra" and they only have me.
I found two siblings for "Gilman" a sister "Harriet" and a brother "Theodore"not sure where either one of there lines go or continue to...

                                                             Coffee is on

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Haven't Gave Up

      Our T,O,P.S contest ended and my name didn't get drawn. The lady who did I believe she got close to $80.00
My weigh in was 214. I didn't gain or loose.
We're going to take a break from any challenge. I need something pretty much on daily, that keep my on target.
I'll be doing a mini version of what we done past 6 weeks or so.
Daily, I will be keep track of these task...Food Journal, which will be on my blog, Breakfast, a lot of time if I start with a healthy breakfast I'll continue eating that way though out the day, Exercise and I need just plain and simple get back doing this, 4 serving of fruit and or vegetables, and a daily weigh in.
Now for weekly task...Contact Member it also reminds me that I'm worthy of becoming healthy, Positive Note which I like having a positive attitude, and a new food.
As you can see I had some popcorn for after dinner snack. Lunch was 4 items I put in my lunch. But only had time to eat three of them, Ended up eating my yogurt at home.
Breakfast was a piece of toast so I could take my meds.
At one my client I had 1/2 of doughnut and 1/2 of cookie.
Dinner ended up being an ground beef patty with melt cheese, green beans and yellow tomatoes from the garden, and some oven fries all on small plate.

    I lay low on facebook for the entire month of August, and I believe I post or comment on anything less then 10 times. I know politics and religious statement can get most people up in arms. I posted these two things on my facebook page. One of comments was " How liberals like spending other people money" Statement time...I don't believe most conservative want to help the needy, poor, or sick. It seem there whole ideal is to have every one pull them self up by there boot straps.
Lot of people can't afford the boots let lone the laces.

Two statement usual take me back..."How Liberal like spending other people money" and "Your such kind and helpful person you must be a Christian"
I have two local charity I donate monthly to. about $15 worth of items. I'm a liberal and I have never ask anyone for money, and what I purchase comes out of my check that I earn. Today I bought two large cases of paper towels and took them out to the "Hope House" They help the needy with usual non food items.
I don't know why people think only Christians are moral and have ethics. Confession time...the Hope House is sort of Christian base ideal and lot of local Christians donate to them. Well I've seem some NON Christ like action and attitude out there.
I know I won't be donating to them in 2016
Couple of people I know went out there and they were discriminated against.
Well I know I don't have much but if I can improve someone life and give them a hand up. Even so slightly. Make there life a little bit better as there here on earth it well worth it. Why wait for any type of Enjoyment until your in heaven. Confession time....Personal I don't believe there heaven or hell.

          Aren't these pretty. Murphy picked these out garden today. There some type of chili peppers, he want to dry them and make chili powder out of them.

                                                                            Coffee is on

Monday, August 31, 2015

Not Sure What Next Day Will Bring

       I take four items for my lunch. Both of my client had increase on the medication. So I only saw Regis briefly.
"Good Lord" if I took the medication like they both do. I know my name would be in obituary section.
"I got my doubt any of them heard of using food as medicine" most of the people I take care of eat a lot of non nutritional foods.
Confession time....Sure I eat food that don't have much nutritional value. I almost pick one up today. Because it was 50% off. One of those in pop can that you hit against the counter. Anyhow it was big gooey "Cinnamon Roll"
Since I mention four items...yogurt, one large gram cracker that I dip in the yogurt, 2 hard boil eggs, and 14 chicken hearts.
Breakfast 2 link sausage, potatoes,and 2 eggs.
Dinner Kale one of my favor vegetables, spaghetti squash with sauce of it and ground beef in it.
We didn't quite get 2 quarts of dried pears so Murphy and I ate the remaining ones.

As I was at work Murphy canned 7 pints of pears. Still have some left.

Painted our last arrow for our yard sale sign. It green this time.

I still would like to weigh in at our T.O.P.S meeting at 213.25 pounds. But I feel pretty darn full after dinner. It seem I gain up to 5 pounds during the day. I tend to hold water. The doctor told me that I have LYMPHEDEMA. But such non threatening case. But I still try to watch my salt in take.
5 pounds of liquid is usual worth half gallon of something or other.
My last weigh in was at 214 even.

                                                              Coffee is on    

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Every One Has Emotional Scares From Childhood...Here Is One Of Mine

I was quite thrilled that Liz wasn't taking a break from Spairfitera. I was totally almost shit scared that I would have to mange on my own. I was afraid that everyone would walk out of the group.
I have a self confidential problem. Confession time...I don't think I deserve nice things in life.
I can pretty much trace it back to elementary school. I once got the highest score on a test. I was send down to principle office and I was falsely accused of cheating because I was to “stupid” to get such a grade. So of course they called my parents and soon as I walk in the door. I got in massive trouble and even the belt.
Confession time...From that day forward I always answered a few things wrong.
Over time I came to the realizing that I'm a worthy person in so many ways.

Tuesday is our T.O.P.S meeting and I need or want to weigh in at 213.25 or less. Our contest will be over and I'm down from when it started, six weeks ago and now I can be in the drawing.
Not sure what we will do but these mini contest helps us. In next six week I'm working to get my self down to 208.75 or under.
By the first of year I want to be under 200 pounds. My finely goal will be able to wear a size 12.
Not sure what weight that would put me. But I know I wouldn't want to be under 130 pounds.

Actual I did mange to get a little exercise I got on the rolling machine today. As for eating breakfast was two eggs, potatoes, and 2 link sausage. Lunch I tried a new way of grilling a cheese sandwich. Instead of every day cheese. I had some ricotta with a slice tomatoes.
3 clock snack 2 large gram crackers and milk. Dinner consist of 14 fried chicken hears. Half cup of mac and cheese. Stir fry veggies...zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers with garlic.

This morning Murphy and I dehydrated some pears. What left I believe we will can in pints.

I want to also dehydrated some cucumbers and zucchini.

                                                Coffee is on

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Just Need To Do It

          Eating more balance is going ok, but my exercise programs is not. I decided to get on the tread mill and do a little bit of running. But found it quite boring.
I do ok when it comes to eating last little while. Breakfast I had dinner. Chuck steak, kale, and bake potatoes. With a little bit of not sour cream and sprouts.
Lunch I found sort of four items. Crackers half of them a dip in white cream stuff. and the other part I spread some liver stuff on it.
and yogurt.
Dinner was a simple BLT. Now it came to me I had ricotta cheese.

When I was young I love gram crackers and milk and I had large crackers and milk.

      Well I got notice from "Liz" that she can't help with our local pagan group. Her and I started Spairfitera it mater of a family trouble. Her granddaughter is having surgery and she needs to be there for both of them.
I will try to continue on. Confession time...I'm some what apprehended on doing the group. I have a speech trouble called Auditory Dyslexia and how pronounce words can be a struggle for me. I'm not deaf! But at times I can hear my self mispronounce certain sounds. In simple term my brain and tongue don't cognate together.
I rarely read out loud. I complete understand what I read.
Hopeful others will be there to see it grow.
Our next event will be coffee and chat on Sunday Morning the thirteenth in the morning at Super One Deli.

      I finish up the turquoise and add second mix color ball on to the rag rug. I'm liking how it coming out. But not sure how to finish it off.
I also finish anther dish cloth. This one black and I did it in half double crochet using back loops only.
Today Murphy and I did up eight pints of green beans.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Off To Spokane

          Heading to Spokane this afternoon, once I get done finishing my week of work done. I'm riding down with my friend Alice, and her daughter Nicloe and her children Paul, and Josetta. I know Alice want to stop off and drop off some crowns she makes. Plus stop in at MICHEALS so Alice can buy some ribbon.
I'll just look for a bit. At this time I got enough craft project going.

        Murphy been sanding the eves above the windows that need to be replaced.

         Breakfast consist of bowl of cook cereal with raisin and a pear. Lunch I'll buy an yogurt and kind bar. I believe there enough here I can have my four health items.
Dinner unknown source since I'll be out of town then.

                          Coffee is on  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Smoke On The Mountains

Since that bat flew in our house. Seem everything is going pretty good, knock on wood. I guess there all sort of OLD WIVES TALE but there fun to read. Me, personal I think we built our own life. Sure there bumps in the road and life lesson to be learn.                  There been plenty of smoke in sky. It might not be all day. But usual some time during the day the sun looks like a big glowing red ball                                                                 My noses inside itches like doing a line of cocaine and my ears feel like I been under water and waiting for my ears to pop.                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                Today I went to work for both places. Just short time I at Regis mostly to pick up some tobacco.                                                                                                                 Rest of the time I was at Carrie. Took her to her doctor appointment she seem to have trouble keeping food down. She had a GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY and the doctor thought it might be causing her trouble.                                                                                           I know to many people who had so much trouble years down the road. Statement time....I would rather face back surgery then do Gastric Bypass surgery.                       So we stop in at the local food bank, now there getting a lot bigger selection. I even got a few items.                                                                                                                        Maybe I'm pushing judgement toward others. But it seem those who uses the food bank seam to only want food high in bad carbs, such as doughnuts.                                         
There quite a bit of veggies and fruit be brought in. I got a package of asparagus and some kale. Grab two other items.                                                                                    
Did a little house keeping.                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                After work I stop in at my friend Alice to help me on the rag rug I've been working on. My trouble it kept curling up. So at far end I had to put in an extra stitch so it will lay flat.                                                                                                                                     There sure not cheap to do. At ten dollar a yard I don't see my self doing a lot of them. 
I been crochet anther dish cloth. Each set I'm changing the stitches. This one I'm working with front loops only, doing a half double.                                                                       
Black isn't easy to work with. Have to have the light just right.                                              
                                                                                                                                         My client treat me more then fair. Take my word I had some was pretty nasty. So I help Murphy freeze up some tomatillos.                                                                          
My eating was right on track and I even got my morning water in, 30 oz (0.88 liters) by Nine thirty in the morning                                                                                                Breakfast we had BLT and I wish it was on non white bread. But that what we had in our house. Lunch I eat four items. Today it was a piece of cheese, pear, banana, and strawberry yogurt. Before I move on to dinner at Carrie I had third of pastry. Both Carrie and Hershel have trouble with there sugar count, and there plenty of pastries around the place. I guess it doesn't bother them to be on metformin.                                                Dinner it was smoke salmon burrito. Trying to recall what I put in mind. Hot peppers, alfalfa sprouts, chives, dill, cheese, ricotta cheese, garbanzo beans, and of course smoke salmon                                                                                                    I had Murphy roll me up anther burrito which I will take to work tomorrow. I'll add three more items not sure what yet.                                                                                       For some reason I'm a little hungry but I don't eat after seven in the evening.                                Went to Library and got the book "Go Set a Watchman"                                                                                                Coffee is on                                                                       


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