Thursday, March 05, 2015

Cleaning and More Cleaning.

Before I talk about what Murphy and I clean and need to clean. Briefly went for a small walk in our neighborhood. First I thought I would just walk across the cow pasture. About ready to take a photo and notice my card wasn't in it.
So I had to come back home and picked it up. Then I decided to continue down the road in stead.
Well on first corner by my home. Is a small grouping of trees. The tree with the top blown out is a bearing tree for savoring property. There been breeze out the west or south, not a bad day for a walk.

Not much going on in the fields. Not much new green growth yet. Actual I haven't notice any yet. Well my bulbs. The ground is a little squish during the afternoon.

Murphy and I went out to the shed and the North Bench. Got our first load and took it home. Still need to sort it.
In four piles. Trash we all ready took, I believe was four loads to the dump. But I'm sure they will be more to go once we go though the stuff.
Thrift store, I always sort down before I have a yard sale. It just the way I like to do things.
Yard Sale, Murphy and I are aiming to have a yard sale the first week of April, Friday and Satuday. Sunday is Easter. So I'm thinking of starting it Thursday. But who knows.
Then the last pile will be the stuff we keep.

Not sure what type of clothing is in these bags. But I'm guessing the majority of them will be trash or off to the thrift store.

As for what I ate. 8 classes of water, steel cut oats with no milk and cut up banana. For lunch a BLT sandwich. And for a snack some fake crab and corn bread. Well I haven't yet had dinner but we got pork ribs in the oven.
Not sure what we will have with it. But I'm guessing kale and bake pototo.

It a good day to take a step to a better you.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I Might Piss Off Some, That's Way The Ball Balance

Well I start out with my thought on this....Our foreign policy with Israel really sucks. If any other country did what they do. We would be putting up sanction against them and very well should.
Israel builds a wall to keep out there neighbors and not let them have there basic needs.
Anyone to become an citizen of Israel must half a lease one grand parent Jewish and if your aren't a quarter Jewish. You wouldn't be able to vote.
They have nuclear weapon and bullies there neighbors.
I just don't understand the county of Israel...There doing the same thing what happen during the Nazi rein in Europe.
In simple term there violating basic human rights to non Jews.

I weigh in and I was up. Just mean I got to work harder. And hubby bought home some sweets. I'm not pleased with this at all. Plus I ate some, 4 but they are super small and it would = to a regular size one.
Did get my 20 minute walk in. The road is sort of slick and I almost fell.

No day is a complete failure.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Egnostic and Everything With Eggaxactly

I'm an egg eater. But that not what I want to blog about. I have my two local charity I give to. So I stop in at HARVEST foods and picked up seven dozen eggs. Took up to our local food bank and donate it. It cost me just under $14.00. Eggs are $1.88 at harvest foods. Just in case anyone does math and wonder why I paid $14.00. Idaho charges sale tax on foods.
They weigh everything that comes in and goes out. Well the seven dozen eggs weigh in a little over 12 pounds.
They'll cut them in half and put it in there pantry refrigerator. It will help out 14 people in our community.

I don't do INSTAGRAM but I'm willing to pass the word about the give away. Stop on over at LOST ART OF LETTER WRITTING REVIVED is having.

I'll be weigh in and before friday I'll post the results.

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Monday, March 02, 2015

Farewell My Trash

Murphy and I been getting stuff out of the shed on the North Bench. We been taking stuff to the dump.I believe we got all the stuff that goes to the dump. I know Steve and I took 3 load to dump. I believe he took 1 with out me.

This is the items I sort though and off to the dump these item went.
Murphy mainly sort though metal, piping and electrical.

Now what left in shed now is useable and or yard sale items. 
Aventuly we will tear down the shed and use the lumber. We would like to built a deck off our slider in the dinning room.

  As Murphy was sweeping I went out and took a couple of photos. My mother in law sold her place. I'm guessing the new owners log a spot out. The trees were in pretty bad shape. Actual they needed to come out a long time ago.
Question time...I wonder if there going to built a home?
  So this is our property. We will be listing it for sale next year. But before we actual do I want to give Sawyer and Bart first change to buy it. Murphy bought it from his dad at cost. Tax value with no interested. I'm willing to that for Sawyer and Bart.
Not many livable wage jobs in Bonners Ferry area. I don't see either one move here anytime in near future.

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Lunch Sacks

I went to a essential oil class put on by DOTERRA I found the class informative and some what entertaining.
Opinion time...I think people has un realistic balance how we should take care of our bodies and minds.
I don't think modern medicine or alternative medicine have all the answer. There claim is that modern medicine only treat the symptoms. Well they past this essential oil claiming it will heal your aches and pains. Sorry I don't recall which one she past around. I rub it on back of my neck and I'll admit the heat made me feel better. But in 3 or 4 hours the effect was gone. My neck was hurting again.
They both ware off.

I wonder if any these people live in real world. They were talk how there raising there children in non toxic world. A natural world.
I know a family who ate organic and also was into all of this essential oil. There son was invited to an Pizza party, his parents brought him sack lunch.
I won't even bother asking “What do you think happen” Soon as his parents was gone; he tossed the sack in the trash can. Ate pizza and drank soda pop.

Essential oil have there place, and so does modern medicines. I went over to the FDA and put in “essential oil” some stuff shows up.
Doesn't matter what term one puts in at Food and drug administration one can find it strength and weakness.
I try to find what percentage of the budget the food and drug administration gets. I couldn't get a exact number. But it looks like it less then five percent and we spend a lot on our military.
Statement time...I rather put my money into good nutritional food. Then either medicine and or essential oil.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wish It Could Be Simple.

I never thought I would have been never been over weight. Statement... I stay away from white sugar, salt, and fat with this challenge.
But still getting in my water seem to be the hardest for me. But with the challenge I do get in a lease four glasses of water, 24 ounce of water. I usual purchase a more healthier peanut butter. My hubby got this.

  As you see I hasn't over weight when I was young. I even tried to act sexy. I believe I was just out of high school

 My mom Myra at my high school "Mother and daughter high school tea" I believe I was a Jounior. 

It little late. We got our Yule package from Sawyer and Betty. I got a voodoo doll. I wish I had them the other day. The Jehovah Witness showed up. I answered the door and ask them if they were Jehovah Witness and they said “yes” I told them I was a “Witch” and told them to leave and slam the door in there face.
Murphy said I was “mean to them” and snickering as he was saying it. Next time they show up I'll bring out my voodoo doll.

I been working on my stamp collection. I collect stamps of people. At the moment I'm working on the  CHEF collection.
I sign up to do a swap, over at Swap bot. I'm taking part in PICK THREE Also invited to ESSENTAIL oil party. I don't know anything about there product. But we have some up coming expensive. So I won't be purchasing anything.

There no thing as an awful day.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

We All Have Some Thing To Say

Before Murphette took off from Bakerfield. She asked me if she could use our mail address. Which I didn't have any trouble with it.
It seems last few days she been getting quite a bit of mail. So I just put it in one my “home made envelope and send to her stepson Cade post box.
I ran into her middle daughter Annie at the clinic, and I talk for short while. I want to get home. She thought her brother didn't want there mom receive mail out there.
I told her as” far as I understand it was ok. That doesn't real matter. I sure not going to drive out to Moyie Spring every time she gets mail.

I went and had my teeth clean and later this afternoon. I tried to straighten out our health insurance which we are getting though the state of Idaho health exchange program.

My key board on lap top, some of the keys are getting worn off. So I took a sharpie and wrote on it.
Not sure how my day will end. But I been on track on my weight lost challenge. But I sure didn't sleep all the good the other night. I kept dreaming and I'm wore out.

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