Sunday, August 31, 2014

Floating Though Shit

Our septic tank got pumped out on Thursday morning , $250. It was mainly liquid. So are drain field or leach line isn't working.
The people in City of Bonners Ferry pays a hair over twenty a month. I would be glad to pay twenty a month for sewer service.
As I was at work Murphy had the septic people come and look at our septic system. Where the leach line comes off of our septic tank is to many trees.
Well we had two choice to move the trees. The other choice is to put in anther system.
Truth be told I believe good fence makes good neighbors. So we'll leave the trees between our neighbors.
I have no desire to look on to my neighbors business. I need snoopy neighbors

If we don't do something with the septic system. Our basement is pretty much useless. We can't do much with our basement. It has improved. It use to flood quite often.
Then we been working on getting ready to replace two of the windows on the West Side of the place. The windows been in since the early 70's when the house was built. Those old aluminum and they leaked air. We went around and caulked them but it due time to replace them. Next year we will replace the two on the west side. No more aluminum windows.
 Been working on some project. I got the turtle planter done. Murphy and I both like it. Not sure what we will but in it.
I thought marigold would look good in it.
The Mr and Mrs Pilgrim been coming along. Eyes and buckles need to be painted it. Then just finishing it up.
I'm getting better with my fingers and hands. I don't feel like I have to left pinkies and four and third right pointer fingers with a half of thumb. When it comes to crocheting

Neighborhood walking been pretty good. I'm guessing mid September I'll be up to the 12 power pole. I take a photo every fourth one.
In town I been walking on south hill area. I just finished up with Lincoln street not very thrilling. Not sure how I'll handle Alderson lane. I believe it going to be broke up in two section. Simple reason is the parking situation.
I been keeping my eating in check. Nothing after 7 pm and I don't take second when it comes to dinner. If I'm hungry or think I am. It's plain air pop corn for me.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Joy-Youth)

Once a week I meet my friend Qunella and we have a cup of coffee at UNDER THE SUN A fun whimsical place and all sort of cool things.
But I find Joy having a cup of coffee and chit chatting.
Next day after LABOR DAY the youth in our area, will be getting on bus and heading back to school.

Next weekend photo hunt themes will be GRAY and or LANDSCAPE

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Let My Self Go.

Picture a little blurry. I'm in my late teen or early 20s. One can see I'm a lot lighter in weight. Actual my weight I would like to get down to is around 140 pounds or get back in to a size 14 or so. Sorry to say I need and want to drop 70 pounds.
Confession time....I look at other people weight and think “gee a lease I don't have to drop a 100 pounds it could be lot worst” The fact is I'm over weight it doesn't matter the amount.

I been walking. Yesterday I went into Sandpoint to pick up RX for Carrie and took a few minutes and walk down Cedar street a short distant

 Today my waist measurement is about 40 inches. For ages I wore button front Levi jeans, 28 inch waist. I don't know if it possible to get down there again or not. 34 inch waist would be big improve ment.
I been more upper body then lower body. I don't have those long model legs. In height I'm about 5'6 and when I have to get jeans I usual now have to get a size 18 to 22...short or pet-tit depend on cut. It hard for me to find jeans. I have trouble getting them high enough up. That my plumber smile isn't showing.
So I usual get jeans that have elastic around the waist and there short enough in the length.

I know it impossible to loose to loose 70 pounds by the end of year. Before the end of the year it would be feasible to be under 200 pounds and working toward 190.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Naw Not In This Area.

Before I went off to work this morning. I took a walk on east side of the highway up Lincoln. Which is a very short walk, up and back 4 or 5 tenths mile. Pass by three churches, a few business, and few homes.
Well after work I did my walk in my neighborhood and a few large rain drops came down on me. I didn't melt.
After the walk on Lincoln I stop in did some light chores for Carrie and we went to soup Kitchen. She rode with her social worker.
I meant them at Grace Bible church on south end of city limites. They were serving lentil soup which was very good. Last time I ate there I wasn't overly impressed
But I guess if ones down and out, one doesn't need to be choosey. Breaking bread and socialize a bit with fellow human is actual good for us.

Yesterday Murphy and I went up to our place on the bench and got a few plums off the tree. Plus check on the hazelnut tree up on his Uncle and Aunt ole place.

Stop in at my Mother in Law Norma place. She went on little family vacation with her daughter Belle.
To fine out she can't drive. She receive two letters form Idaho department of transportation. I only seen one of them and she needed to get an eye and medical exam before August 29th that she can continue driving after that.
I guess a Idaho State Patrol pulled her over, for crossing the yellow line. She need to get her cataract remove. So Thursday I'm going to drive her around in morning to do some shopping and to the laundry mat. Not sure what happen to her washing machine, but she still have her dryer.

She selling the PLACE on Bench and moving to an senior apt in the Spokane Valley. By her daughter Belle and grandson Bart.
Well her other daughter Nakaya is piece of work. Her and partner Leloa decided to move in with Nakaya mother and was there for seven years. Can't recall when she got her out finely
I believe Norma thought her daughter was only going to be there for a few months so she could get her self establish.
She brought in bunch of livestock and pets, did damage on the place. Live rent free. Talking to Norma found out a few items were missing a state quarter collection and some guns. Norma believes that her daughter Nakaya stole it.
We had some mental fence post on our well on our place. We believe she took them for fence. To prove this is all most impossible.
This isn't nothing. She barrow-led her mom car and her mom asked for it back. She won't return it. Personal if my son did something like this. I would give them a certain time and if it wasn't returned it would be reported stolen. Titles in her name.
The reason she let her use the car. That Leloa rig was broke and needed transportation to work. This was back a while and had plenty of time to fix it or replace it.
We sold some of our logs and some reason Nakaya thought we were steeling her mom logs. So she called up the mill and the air port and started to yell at them.
Plus she doesn't want her mom to sell the place. So she calls up the real-estate and starts yelling at them....”Your ripping off my mom”.
So she pulled up the four sale sign. One of the neighbors saw her doing it.
Visiting with her mom she told us that when she was young she would throw such tantrum that she would pass out.
At that time they even talk to the doctor and they told them to just do nothing. I guess her dad George would give in to all of her demands . So now she doesn't except the word “no” and ended up being a bully.
Ages ago her own brother Jarret said “NaKaya his sister was greedy”

I've done enough care giving and there are certain people who will go though one caregiver after anther. Plus they will go from one agency to anther.
Simple there such nasty people. That they end up being a lone and NaKaya will be one of these, unless she changes her ways.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not Before Not After

 My weigh in at T.O.P.S so I gained 4 pounds. A few things I need to over come when come to weight lost. Is eating when I'm bored.
I don't eat after 7 in the evening. And I been doing my walks. Now I'm up to 214 and half
Monday I had to take Carrie into Sandpoint to the PAIN PLACE She has arthritis and they did an IV of medicine though her,
They said it would take about ½ an hour so I walk around the area. Not going far. In our area I'm walking on Lincoln street. Then in my neighbor hood I just went around the bend. So in my neighborhood I'm walking one way eight tenths of mile...So I'll leave it to you math wiz to figure what around trip is.

One never know how long a doctor will take. So I'm glad I took my crocheting along. I finely figure out how to do double crochet stitch. So I'm making a scarf. Still my stitches aren't consistent. I guess practice will be the way I can have my stitches all the same.
Sure glad I brought my book along to read. Not sure how long she was in. I left Bonners Ferry and Sandpoint is about 35 miles and most of it is Highway driving and I had her back in her home by 12: 30 that afternoon. If it went as plan I should have been back 11:00 or so, and even counting her stop at the dollar tree.

When I got home I continue crocheting on the scarf and also working little on my ceramic pieces. I painted the soles of turtle shoes. Murphy likes the turtle planter and I'm planning to keep it.
Also paint the grass area on Mr and Mrs Pilgrims.
I also got out anther ornament the other three are pretty much finish. I like to seal four at a time.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Curse-Working)

As long as mid summer insect (Araneae) doesn't move in. They won't be any need for a curse.

Lot of time in North Idaho winter driving you deal with snow and ice. Summer time you deal with road construction. They been working on the south hill over pass and Kootenai river bridge mostly all summer. Here are some men working under the by-pass bridge and I want to stay a safe distant

Next weekend photo hunt will be ENGAGED and or UMBRELLA   

I like to put up some video every so often. Not sure how the sound works on my camera. So I thought I would walk around to the shutter, that hubby and I been working.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Liked Is It Over Or Under Valued.

Sure didn't like what the scale read at Tops today. I wasn't excepting much but I like to been under 210. We got a contest going. You but a quarter in a jar and if you loose weight you write your name on piece of paper. Those who are below your weigh as July 1st get a chance to win the quarters. The drawing in September.

 Actual there not many things in life I do not like. But not long ago I watched on Front Line  GENERATION LIKE  The show was pretty much one sided. No body over 25 was even part of show. Ok in last part was one parent. Who she thought her daughter had a chance as singer. Opinion time...I thought the daughter had very little talent as a singer. But I thought her mom was totally disgusting. Trying to live though her daughter.
In my younger days it was parents who thought there little girl was going to be the next Shirley Temple.
They make video of there children and place them on you tube and with a bunch prayers and holding on some furry lucky rabbit foot.
Some one is going to discover there child and give them a big time contract.
It form of exploiting your children.Question time... Don't you need to have your children content and happy.
Actual the last girl who sitting on her bed. Practicing her singing end up taking all of her U-Tube videos down. I understand there was quite a bit of bullying.
Bullying shouldn't been directed at the young lady or even the parent. But I felt like the mother was pushing her to preform for her own gain. Not the daughters. I find it “sad”
With all this new social media it one way of getting to be notice. But I still believe there still door to knock on. Except the doors are different now and none of us yet know how or where they lead to.

It strange what people like or don't like. Some time I'm not even sure why I like something. 
I see each and every Walmart has it own face book page. The closes one is in Ponderay near Sandpoint has 408 likes on facebook. The main store in Arkansas has over thirty four million likes on there facebook page. I just don't see my self liking it. Main reason they have an app on page for “fighting hunger together” Walmart. They could pay there workers a livable wage so they would have to draw food stamps. I do not like Walmart, wish I could say I don't buy anything there. But I know I spend less then 100 bucks of my money goes into there cash registers. Oh how I would like a thumbs down for those very few dislikes.

TYLER OAKLY has a lot of like though social media. I have no reason to dislike but it some thing I wouldn't like. But companies want to hook up with him so they can push there product. I understand that he started doing a blog on You Tube and it grown. Other social media picked him up. Facebook he got just over a million likes. Me, I got 484 likes and I don't even know that many people. I don't send out even close to that many Christmas Card. I would have to peddle my ass on the corner. To cover the stamps.
Good ole Tyler who I'm clueless about until I saw front line, has not quite 3 million follower on his twitter account. Little ole me 395 fans
Last thing I can compare apples to chicken fried steak. Tyler pin-interest he has 7,895 peepers me 46 peepers.
I wonder how much work on have to do to have your likes pay off. It seem like a cheap way for some company to jump on board. For what type of gain.
When I was younger I got teen beat and 16 magazine. I liked it way back in 70's. Tyler is promotion for the teenager. Like the Bobby Sherman drinking a soda. I don't recall if; I bought any soda because one of the teen heart throb was drinking it.

The other day I went though all the likes on my face book page and business who had less and 100 likes. Still more to go.
I post on my face book page “A small business Mom and Pop shop has a hard time of a go of it. Help them a long with a like and share.
Take a minute to like Kindred Collection FACEBOOK and or ETSY pages.

Like I wonder why I like something. I've been ask what types of books I like. I figure it out in a very few words...”The story need to be balance” I can't stand zappy stores. They gag me.

Well not sure which CHICKEN   Costume I like and it always good at time to have someone approval. A high five, a light slap on the back, thumbs up. With a few kind word of praise when you do something.
Makes you feel good.

Not sure were all this like and fans will take us. At this time it sure looks likes a pyramid if you hook up it can grow and grow. For what reason I'm clueless

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